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Apple announces it still makes Xserves

Apple today announced that not only do they still make Xserves, but they actually updated them. According to Apple, the new Xseres “deliver up to twice the performance of the previous system,” and feature Intel’s new “Nehalem” Xeon processors and a next generation system architecture, giving the ew Xserves up to an 89 percent improvement in performance per watt over the previous model, which they were still apparently selling.

Above: Introducing the… all-new… Xserve? When on your big launch day you get squeezed out of even the little bottom pics by “American Idol on iTunes”, you know you are the red-headed step child of the product line.

I was pretty sure Apple had discontinued the Xserve around the time they discontinued the Apple TV, but a friend of mine says that Apple never actually discontinued the Apple TV, they just forgot to mention it for a couple years. Both models are expected to receive a future update sometime in late 2013.

3 Responses to “Apple announces it still makes Xserves”
  1. edoreld says:

    Photo of iPod Shuffle?

  2. edoreld says:

    I just got it…^_^

    Good one 😉

  3. imajoebob says:

    @edoreld, that’s Apple’s actual homepage.

    I doubt Apple sells a lot of servers based on their website graphics. The way they’ll sell them is with articles and ads in InfoWorld, Business Week, Wired, and generating a Harvard Business Review case.

    They’ve really dropped the ball on pushing their power and reliability, but most of all their licensing and support. They’re worlds ahead of the competition on the last two. Companies that do a TCO or ROI find that there’s no comparison. Colleges IT departments are getting clobbered when they try to explain why the school should be buying students Windows notebooks when Apples require less than half the support staff.

    Xserve includes OS X Server and UNLIMITED client licenses at no extra cost. WIndows server will cost about 500 bucks per server (though they’ll cut it down if you buy a crapload of them), and 50 more bucks per client license (again they usually discount for volume, but won’t admit it, nor is there any predictability).

    Once again Apple shows why they aren’t making huge inroads with business clients: they don’t know how to sell to them. XServe is so far beyond Wndows that I can’t believe they don’t sell a billion of them.

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