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Good lord! How old is Apple’s ergonomics page?!

Wow. It looks like Apple’s ergonomics web page predates the internet. Is that an Apple II that 1st guy is using? No wonder he’s suffering from “lightning bolt neck”. Oddly, besides that Apple II-looking thing, there’s not a Mac to be found in any of Apple’s “ergonomic no-no’s” drawings. I suppose the indication here is that... Read More

New York City Transit Authority using Keynote to run its kiosks

digg_url = '; Faithful Macenstein reader Mike Solomon from over at The Cleverist sent us this video he made providing pretty convincing evidence that the NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority is using Apple’s Keynote software to run its kiosks, as illustrated by those trademark transitions... Read More

Behold the new Apple TV “Take 2” Intro Movie

For those without Apple TV’s but who must see everything related to Apple, here’s the revamped Apple TV “Take 2” intro movie. (iPhone users click here to watch the video) Unfortunately this video is pretty much the best thing about the update, but I’ll get to that later. Enjoy.  Read More

Steve Jobs has lost $214 million $220 million $1 billion since Macworld

Owning 5.4 million shares of Apple stock is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, you have a huge fortune. On the other, you can lose $214 million in a week. This is just one of the reasons I have chosen not to own 5.4 million shares of Apple stock. “Poor” Steve Jobs Apple’s stock has been riding high for nearly a year heading into Macword, and had briefly peaked... Read More

MacHeist ends tomorrow – What will Diggers write about?

MacHeist 2, perhaps the most widely over-publicized conglomeration of software in the history of the Mac, will see its shadow tomorrow and go back in its hole for another year. I have been strong, and managed to resist the bundle’s siren song up ’till now, but it looks like I will be breaking down tonight and picking it up. I’m a sucker for deadlines, and... Read More

Where’s the leak? Finally, a Macworld stream worth watching!

I can’t remember the last Macworld where we didn’t know the majority of what Steve was going to announce less than 12 hours before showtime, yet here we are. As near as anyone has been able to figure, the big thing Steve will announce tomorrow is the “MacBook Air”, an ultra light notebook. The problem here is, aside from the name, we know nothing about... Read More

Apple owns the MacBookAir domain… or do they?

Uh oh… MacDailyNews is reporting that Apple owns the rights to the MacBookAir domain. According to the site,,,, and all show a 1 Infinite Loop address. and .net currently do not provide registration info, but odds are they too are registered to a certain Cupertino address. Or are they? Before we all... Read More

Say it ain’t so, Jonny!

Gizmodo has posted a somewhat incendiary piece outlining some rather unmistakable design similarities between the work of Apple’s Jonathon Ives and Dieter Rams, the famous 1960’s era designer for Braun. Gizmodo stops short of accusing Ives of ripping off Rams, instead merely saying that Rams’ work has influenced “every single product at Apple, from hardware... Read More

Macworld Keynote Bingo Klingon Edition – nerd and geek worlds collide

Every once in a while, a “Perfect Storm” of both geeky and nerdy events comes together to form something so massively uncool it almost demands someone beat it up. This year, that thing is Macworld Keynote Bingo, Klingon edition. We’ve seen Macworld bingo before, but the The Swedish Bingo team has outdone themselves this year with their multi-lingual version.... Read More

Uh oh… looks like John Mayer is free January 15th…

OK, nobody panic. This may be nothing, but… a quick check of John Mayer’s website,, and all add up to one alarming conclusion: John Mayer is not currently touring, and by all accounts is available to play once again at this year’s Macworld. His last listed tour date was December 12th in Los Angeles (so he could still very well be... Read More


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