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Apple owns the MacBookAir domain… or do they?

Uh oh… MacDailyNews is reporting that Apple owns the rights to the MacBookAir domain.

According to the site,,,, and all show a 1 Infinite Loop address. and .net currently do not provide registration info, but odds are they too are registered to a certain Cupertino address.

Or are they?

Before we all run off pell mell, there are some questions to be answered however. First, how hard is it to put a fake mailing address when registering a domain? Apple doesn’t even own the domain to the regular And as faithful Macenstein reader Shakelford points out, Apple has never owned a .biz address ever (in fact, no one has). Finally, all the MacBookAir domains we see seem to have been bought up on January 11th, right when speculation began that the MacBook Air name might be for real.

So what’s the deal? Does Apple own these domains, or just some stupid California companies willing to pay GoDaddy $9.99 to get a week’s worth of publicity? Can any of our readers with more sleuthing prowess than ourselves shed some light on this?

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Aleks for helping us past our idiocy and finding the registration link in question.

3 Responses to “Apple owns the MacBookAir domain… or do they?”
  1. Aleks says:

    The WHOIS database was updated TODAY. If you look here for example:

    then you’ll find the cupertino address 😉


  2. mangochutney says:

    So the nice and sleek apple on the display will soon be replaced by the silhouette of a basketball dunking Michael Jordan.

    Good Lord!

    or express rather modern:

    Oh Noes!

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