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Apple Introduces New Mac Pro/Xserve

In a sign that Apple perhaps has something more important to announce at next week’s Macworld, today the company announced updates to its Mac Pro and Xserve lines. The New Mac Pro Apple today introduced the new Mac Pro with eight processor cores and a new system architecture that delivers up to twice the performance of its predecessor. The new Mac Pro combines two of Intel’s... Read More

So, remind me again why we want an ultra portable?

With Macworld just ’round the corner, the rumor mill has pegged an ultra-portable Mac as a near certainty. Usually, once 3 or more semi-reliable Mac rumor sites say we’re going to see something at Macworld, odds are we’re going to. The problem is, the ultra portable Mac, in ANY of the iterations I’ve heard thrown about, is the last thing I want to see Apple... Read More

David Lynch: “Don’t watch movies on a f*#%ing phone!”

Director and all-around weirdo (in a good way) David Lynch has some unkind words for iPhone users (and cell phone users in general) who think the latest “wide screen” video phones provide a suitable movie watching experience. “Now, if you’re playing a movie on a telephone, you will never in a trillion years experience the film” says David. If you watch,... Read More

BBC: “These amps go to 11”

Apple may be trying to save their customer’s hearing, but the BBC is giving a big middle finger salute to the Tinnitus foundation in the form of the new Mac version of their BBC iPlayer. That’s right, the Mac player’s volume goes up to “11”. Take that, Spinal Tap! Luckily, since the BBC only lets UK residents use the iPlayer, only the Redcoats risk... Read More

When is a legally closed Mac site NOT a legally closed Mac site?

When it’s ThinkSecret, of course! Faithful Macenstein reader Shackelford points out that ThinkSecret has published 3 new articles since its infamous December 20th “Apple, Think Secret settle lawsuit” post in which it was stated “Think Secret will no longer be published”. Above: Apparently the phrase “Think Secret will no longer be published”... Read More

iPhone mentioned all over Apple’s Canadian website – sloppy coding or impending launch?

“Canadians may have universal healthcare, but WE have the iPhone!” This has long been the rallying cry of many an American as we lay dying from a tumor caused by excessive cell phone use. It’s a trade-off all Americans gladly accept, yet it looks like that may be about to change. No, we’re not getting universal healthcare – it looks like the iPhone... Read More

The Macworld iTablet: Ramblings of a Madman, or does he know something…?

Very rarely at Macenstein, someone who knows a little bit of something drops us a tip in the days leading up to a big Mac event, such as Apple’s Macworld this January. More often, however, we get crazy rambling letters from conspiracy nuts. The problem with discounting the conspiracy nuts out of hand is, of course, they are usually right. Apple probably IS working on a cold... Read More

Last day to submit for your $100 iPhone credit

Today (November 30th, for those of you without calendars) is the last day “early iPhone adopters” can redeem their $100 Apple Store credit. I blew spent mine on Leopard a couple weeks ago, but now that we’re in the thick of the holiday shopping season, I could sure use another… Did I mention how very, very, very deeply hurt I was by that iPhoe price drop... Read More

AT&T’s Stephenson spills the beans on 3G iPhone (sort of)

At a recent meeting of the Churchill Club in Santa Clara, California, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson (apparently fed up with the constant questions about the iPhone’s 3G plans) allegedly blurted out “You’ll have it next year”. Stephenson could not provide specific details on what the new iPhone would cost, saying only Steve Jobs “will dictate what... Read More

Did Apple’s “Black Friday” specials leave you hungry for more? Try a “Mac Feast”

As usual, Apple’s “Black Friday” specials ended up being much ado about nothing, with price cuts on the order of what most people who have even a tenuous relationship with a student can accomplish on their own. However, there is good news for those Mac fans left wanting from these “deals”. Aquafadas did some networking at this year’s WWDC, and... Read More


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