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BBC: “These amps go to 11”

Apple may be trying to save their customer’s hearing, but the BBC is giving a big middle finger salute to the Tinnitus foundation in the form of the new Mac version of their BBC iPlayer.

That’s right, the Mac player’s volume goes up to “11”. Take that, Spinal Tap!

Luckily, since the BBC only lets UK residents use the iPlayer, only the Redcoats risk permanent hearing loss while watching Dr. Who and The Catherine Tate Show at the ear-splitting “11” level. This means the eardrums of we Yanks will remain protected, thus giving us the advantage when they attack again.

Thanks once again to faithful UK (Redcoat) Macenstein reader Steven Haskayne for the screenshot.
(Note: The PC version might also hit 11, but we don’t know anyone who uses Windows in America, let alone the UK).

One Response to “BBC: “These amps go to 11””
  1. Mike says:

    Whats with all the redcoat references? Still living in the past?

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