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HOW TO: Stop your iPhone 7 / 7 Plus’s screen from vibrating when playing audio

iPhone 7 screen vibrate

I’m not going to go into how underwhelmed I’ve been with iOS 10 and the iPhone 7 Plus here, but let’s just say among the more annoying “features” of the latest round of Apple updates is the incredibly annoying vibration of the screen when playing music out of the iPhone’s speakers. You may recall one of the few selling points of the iPhone 7 and... Read More

Survey: 39% of men would be willing to lose an inch of penis size for the iPhone 5

Now this is my kind of survey! (Apologies in advance for my gratuitous discussion of penises later on in this article). According to the results of a survey of 2,011 American males, ages 18-30, conducted by, the desire to own the not-yet-announced iPhone 5 is so high that many men are willing to go through extreme lengths to get one, including SHORTENING the length... Read More

Kid pees on school MacBook cart – causes $36,000 in damages

pee Statue

Here’s a math problem for you: If you take the entire volume of urine found in the average 11-yar-old’s bladder and pour it over a school computer cart, how many MacBooks will it ruin? Answer? $36,000 worth, at least according to the Upper Allen Township Police department. “An 11-year-old boy urinated on several MacBook computers on a cart in the Upper Allen Elementary... Read More

Apple shuts down M.I.C., once again

Ahh, would you look at what I got in the mail today, a message form M.I.C telling me that Apple has ordered them to stop selling their iHub USB hub. Luckily, it says my order will still be honored, so it would seem I am quickly building quite the collection of “Apple-legal-cease-and-desist” devices from M.I.C, already having ordered and received my banned Steve Jobs... Read More

Bring on the haters!

Yep, Macenstein has gotten a long overdue fresh coat of paint, and if running this site for six years has taught me anything, I assume some of you would like to bitch about it. So, here’s your chance. Personally, I like it and can’t imagine there was much about the old look that anyone would defend too vigorously, but I always like to see what my readers are thinking.... Read More

Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert!

Yes, my Justice League MacBook Pro decal is truly impressive, what with the Apple Logo illuminating Superman’s “S” and all. But to really appreciate how awesome I am, and to properly gauge just how much you should want to be my friend, I think it’s best to take a step back and view the decal in the greater context of my office. Notice how I have not only... Read More

AT&T eats T-Mobile and I am FURIOUS!

Now THAT’S a Super Moon!” While everyone was distracted looking at that EXTREMELY over-hyped Super Moon this weekend (seriously, what was the big deal? It looked the same as always here…) AT&T announced it plans to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion. This is apparently cause for everyone to run around in circles screaming, because it means there will now really... Read More

iMac Hit by 8.9 Magnitude Quake in Japan

The tragedy in Japan just keeps getting worse… Luckily it looks like the iMac’s owner got out safely. Our thoughts go out to our Japanese readers.  Read More

PA laptop spying settlement: Student gets $175,000, lawyer gets $425,000

Well, this makes sense. Remember that case in Pennsylvania where a school district secretly took pictures of students in their homes via their Macs’ built-in iSights? Well, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Lower Merion School District has settled the suit for a whopping $610,000. Well deserved to be sure, given how creepy the prospect of the IT guy at a high school... Read More

John Mayer lost his iPhone – Every hot chick in California freaking out

Notorious poon hound Musician John Mayer, who once blogged: “I look forward to hours of Fruit Ninja while enjoying a stable romantic relationship sometime within the lifespan of the iPhone 4. Don’t snicker. Just wish me the best.” has apparently lost the aforementioned iPhone 4. Having recently lost an iPhone myself (well, the Bride of Macenstein‘s iPhone)... Read More


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