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Bring on the haters!

Yep, Macenstein has gotten a long overdue fresh coat of paint, and if running this site for six years has taught me anything, I assume some of you would like to bitch about it. So, here’s your chance. Personally, I like it and can’t imagine there was much about the old look that anyone would defend too vigorously, but I always like to see what my readers are thinking. As with all redesigns, some of the old stuff may look a bit wonky, but going forward we should be looking pretty slick. Also, if there’s anything you guys would like to see added (I’m still trying to figure out how to assign numbers to the comments) let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

41 Responses to “Bring on the haters!”
  1. The Cos says:

    Well, loads faster, looks cleaner, so no gripes here!

  2. MP says:

    It loads way too fast! My delicate nerves cannot cope!
    Also, it is much too easy to find stuff now! Where is the sense of adventure, trying to search for things when they are so readily available front and center?

    Bring the old design back!

  3. myztero says:

    As long as you keep Mac Chick of the Month, you can do any damn thing you want!

  4. GlowingApple says:

    Loads much faster; looks very clean. I like it!

    Only issue is the scrolling feed at the top is a little too fast, and there’s no way (that I can see) to pause it to read each description fully, or at least have it pause for longer when the user clicks an arrow or dot.

  5. Grant Wall says:

    Looking good Dr. Mac

  6. right_geek says:

    White Macenstein… long overdue. Oh wait, is it white iPhone?

    Now, I’m confused.

  7. sourcream says:

    Cleaner, slicker, faster. Nothing wrong with, except the white is badder for Co2 Emissions… 😉
    Scrolling feed could be toned down a notch, a bit to fast to read the content.

  8. Tice says:

    Jep, loads much faster and is not so much overloaded with stuff. A bit more of one specific color would be good. Anyway, better than before. : )

  9. Darrell says:

    It loads fast on the iPad!!!!! Back to the top of the feed list macenstein!

  10. Mike says:

    I really like the faster loading. Please provide some way to pause the scrolling feed. You might want to just read what’s there without clicking Read More. Plus I find the constant scrolling distracting when you’re looking elsewhere on the page.

    • Trip Mitchell says:

      i’d have to agree – the scrolling zone does take up a ton of real estate and is dangerously close to the annoying gawker/gizmodo overhaul that caused me to stop reading their sites – but it all looks great and the load time is remarkable. keep up the good work, doc

  11. Jason philo says:

    Loads too damn fast. I used to make my coffee while your site loaded. That’s bunk now.

    • Ron says:

      Yeah, the news is stale by the time I get back with coffee — planet killing white space and my work flow rent asunder, you bastard.

  12. Josep says:

    Faster page loading, that’s a good thing!

  13. Jonro says:

    It’s a little generic, but clean and fast to load. My only criticism (constructive) is that the Humor and iPhone buttons are on a second line and don’t have the button look of the top row.

  14. andrew says:

    Imagine my joy when I’ll be stuck for hours videotaping boring depositions, and that I’ll be getting faster & better formatted brain fodder with your new layout. No I’m not talking about dried hay but real meat. The old one was pure torture over 3G. Still it would be nice to have a real iPhone WordPress template for those of us who demand the best possible Macenstein user experience, if not just to keep us from looking at porno a little longer.

  15. The Captain says:

    Wow, I like it! easy to navigate and to see plus found a very nice MacChick I missed before… Thanks Doc!

  16. John says:

    Where is the too-fast, scrolling feed at the top? I’ve looked and looked but I don’t see it. It must be REALLY fast.

    Other than that I really like the new design. And, in case nobody else mentions it, it loads much faster than the old design.

    Nice work!

  17. Jasper says:

    I hate to be that guy, but this re-design is all wrong. When you do a new design, everyone is supposed to hate it. I very like this design – nice one.

  18. Zach C says:

    I do love the redesign. Four thumbs up (out of a possible five).

    The one thing that could be improved up on (for me anyway), is the thing at the top that scrolls from left to right showing the top 5 features. 1) it flips to the next feature just a bit too fast. I couldn’t quite determine if the feature currently being showcased was one I wanted to click on before it flipped to the next one, 2) Would be nice if there was a play/pause button to stop the automatic flipping.

  19. Leo says:

    Well, it is definitely different, but I will certainly get used to it.
    All I have to say is: Good job guys!

  20. Panolo says:

    Looks just fine.

  21. Bob says:

    Looks great doc! Much faster than the old site.

  22. andrew says:

    Hey what happened to the color in the Macenstein character? The b&w outline sucks, bring back the colors!

  23. Tom says:

    The new layout is fantabulous! Very well done, Doc.

  24. BigBubba65 says:

    Looks good from a computer, way faster and very clean. Now I just have to try it from my iphone because, frankly, the prior layout was one of the, if not THE, worst performing sites I visited on my phone. If it’s as fast there as it is here then “outa da park baby”

  25. Ed says:

    Looks professional. Not used to this!

  26. andrew says:

    Another thing… That favicon looks like a green leaf, what did you do that for? Why don’t you put a the Macenstein there you silly monkey.

  27. ArtOfWarfare says:

    The previews are way too short on the main page.

    My suggestion: either “read more” should reveal the rest of the article below what we already see (without loading a new page,) or there should simply be more to start with. Honestly, only your product reviews are long enough most of the time to warrant a button like that.

  28. chefmikeyp says:

    I couldn’t fond a way to go to the net page of latest news. I’m a busy man who only checks in once a week and I’d like to be able to read a weeks worth of posts in the hour I spend on your site. The Recent Posts seems redundant as it is just showing you what is already on the page. Love the new look, needs some tweaking.

    • well, in theory going forward, you should be able to hit the latest news header and see everything.
      Couldn’t think of a way to work in the NEXT PAGE thing yet.
      – The Doc

  29. chefmikeyp says:

    find not fond.

  30. chefmikeyp says:

    also next not net, typing too fast, please edit before posting

  31. Rob says:

    Loving the Random Mac Chicks on the side….the rest of the site can go to hell for all I care….just keep the side table with the Random Mac Chicks!

  32. Kelly says:

    Looking pretty good doc, I’m digging it.

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