Steve Jobs has lost $214 million $220 million $1 billion since Macworld - Macenstein

Steve Jobs has lost $214 million $220 million $1 billion since Macworld

Owning 5.4 million shares of Apple stock is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, you have a huge fortune. On the other, you can lose $214 million in a week. This is just one of the reasons I have chosen not to own 5.4 million shares of Apple stock.

“Poor” Steve Jobs

Apple’s stock has been riding high for nearly a year heading into Macword, and had briefly peaked around $200 a share. On Macworld Eve (January 14th) the stock had a listed price of $178.78, making Steve Jobs’ 5.4 million shares of Apple stock worth $965,412,000. Today, just a week later, the stock is worth $139.07, dropping him down to a modest $750,978,000. This means Steve’s net worth is now more or less identical to yours and mine. Factor in Steve’s $1 a year salary, and things are looking pretty grim for the Jobs household.

A number of factors contributed to the decline, including a somewhat over-inflated stock price to begin with, lackluster product announcements at Macworld, disappointing 2nd quarter sales projections (despite record 1st quarter earnings), and an overall looming recession. Unfortunately, these 4 factors combined to form a profit eating monster J.J. Abrams couldn’t have imagined, and it gobbled up $214 million of Job’s portfolio. Faithful Macenstein reader and stock wizard extraordinaire dersky estimates it will take Apple 3 years to get back to the $200 mark, although he says he won’t be selling his Apple stock any time soon. Apple is and always has been a long-term investment filled with wild highs and lows.

In the meantime, Steve’s got a family, and kids gotta eat. Maybe it’s time Steve got a raise from that borderline indentured servitude $1 salary Apple grudgingly bestows upon him each year.

[UPDATE: Looks like we may have to pass around the collection plate… Steve may be even more destitute than we initially thought. Faithful Macenstein reader Shackelford points out Jobs owns 5,546,451 shares of Apple, so he really lost about $220 million.]

[UPDATE 2: Fortune is reporting that if you throw in Disney’s recent loses, Steve is down a cool $1 billion since Christmas. ]

19 Responses to “Steve Jobs has lost $214 million $220 million $1 billion since Macworld”
  1. Rowlings says:

    I heard he was burning jet fuel from his private plane for heat. Poor guy.

  2. m says:

    i wonder what difference a removable battery and one extra USB port might have made.

  3. If it did have it would you go out and buy it now?

    If not then I guess no difference at all.

  4. jm says:

    If it had a firewire port, I would have bought 2!

  5. Zesty says:

    Jesus Christ, will you stop reposting this?! You’re ruining the joy of checking my RSS feed. I got it the first f***ing time you posted it.

  6. Hey Zesty, sorry
    We’re not reposting it.
    We HAVE changed the title and updated content once or twice as we get new info. Are you saying your RSS reader lists it as a new article?

    What are you using, just out of curiosity.


    -The Doc

  7. Melllo says:

    Sucks…..Atleast he did not dump any stock….that would have made it drop even more. And when your’re a multi-billionaire, it’s not a big deal. You’ll never get around to spending that money anyway. The loss can be charged to the game.

  8. Mechamat says:

    Mac stock was 19 per share prior to the launch of the first iPod. It is now 136.68 per share, for a difference of 117.68. Which means my hero has made 652,706,353.68 million dollars since the iPod, after the loss. Hey you win some you lose some 😛

  9. MacBoy2001 says:

    uhm, its gettn worse, i am actually taking a loss now, should i pull out now?

  10. kzkzkz says:

    Apple’s PR fiasco in Russia — Apple recently held a first official press conference in Russia announcing prices and policies for the market. Read how terribly wrong went the press conference, about outrageous prices for Russia and how Apple treats customers there. Open letter to Apple hoping to change something.

    more here —

  11. Economy Major says:

    TO MacBoy2001:

    NO!! DO NOT PULL OUT! Apple stock is a long term investment, DO NOT PULL OUT because then you will be guaranteed a loss. Leave your money in there for a while (years), it will go up again and you will make money on it. Dont look at the short term, look at the long term. Yeah, you are down now, but it will go up again, and then it may go down again; but it WILL go back up.

  12. Sal C says:

    “disappointing 2nd quarter sales projections”?

    How is 6.8 BILLION dollars in projections disappointing? Oh, that’s right. When the heads-up-their-ass “analysts” predicted (on their own) $6.9 billion.

  13. Angie says:

    “This is just one of the reasons I have chosen not to own 5.4 million shares of Apple stock”
    look this:

  14. Mark Smith says:

    Seriously guys, don’t you think this has just a little to do with the US stock market nearly crashing two days in a row? Or is there some way that we can relate that to Macworld and the Macbook Air too.

  15. Ivan says:

    If I can afford it, then it’s an option, either to buy or not to buy. Other than that, it’s only words. The other thing is .. Big guys play with big games. If you can’t handle it, play with small ones.

  16. stinkyfinger says:

    It’s only a “paper lose”
    he won’t “lose” anything till he
    “cashes out”. And don’t hold your breath for that!

  17. stinkyfinger says:

    can’t I edit my spelling here ?!!!

  18. Rube says:

    The value of his portfolio on AAPL share has dropped by some 220 million. That’s a correct statement.

    Losing 220 millions? That’s an idiotic statement. If he had sold his 5.1 billion shares (all of them) one week before, he would have made 220 million more than if he had sold them now. OBVIOUSLY HE DID NEITHER.

    Also you have no idea of the actual buying price of the stocks he holds, and that’s pretty much what matters when investing: buy low, sell high.

    I suggest you take stock 101. And maybe journalism 101.

  19. shawn says:

    Maybe Apple should have done something with the Iphone like 3G it. Maybe that would have kept him floating.

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