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MacHeist ends tomorrow – What will Diggers write about?

MacHeist 2, perhaps the most widely over-publicized conglomeration of software in the history of the Mac, will see its shadow tomorrow and go back in its hole for another year.

I have been strong, and managed to resist the bundle’s siren song up ’till now, but it looks like I will be breaking down tonight and picking it up. I’m a sucker for deadlines, and I have bought more than one horribly overpriced bit of animation art at auction because of my tendency to be pressured into a rash decision due to time running out.

I already have what I consider to be the crown jewel in the suite (Snapz Pro X) but for $49, odds are at least one of these other apps will prove useful (plus with so many Macs, I’ll sleep a little better with an extra Snapz license). I’m actually hoping Cha-Ching has some magic Keyboard shortcut capable of somehow getting my finances under control (it will probably suggest I sell my animation art), and Pixelmator and Awaken both looked interesting enough in the past that I wanted to check them out, but not interesting enough that I wanted to pay full price. I suppose I can always write these off as “research” for Macenstein come tax time.

So looks like I’ll be buying the bundle. If any of you own and love any of the other apps in the bundle, let me know why in the comments. I love hearing tales of how software has changed people’s lives for the better.

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  1. Guillermo says:

    I did the heist and got the bundle at $10 off. Excellent deal btw. I referred two friends and got tow extra apps., Notebook and LaunchBar.

    All in all, great apps this year.

  2. Pawel Martin says:

    CoverSutra is great. The ability to see the album art in the dock and to navigate to any song on that album proves to be very useful for me. The software has been on since I downloaded it to try several days ago – and I bought it just a ay afterwards.

    Wingnuts 2 is one of the best arcade games I have seen for Mac… wasted… I mean spent hours and hours playing it. Highly addicting, great graphics plus this familiar 1980s feel…

  3. For about $3.58 an application, I don’t think you can go wrong. 🙂

    CSSEdit is a great tool as well.

    I had already purchased 1Password before the bundle, but if IMO that alone is worth the price of admission.

  4. Aaron H. says:

    I have CSSEdit, AppZapper, and ChaChing.

    I cannot live with CSSEdit. I use it a ton every day and it has sped up my workflow to an alarming degree. If you do any amount of web development, this alone makes the bundle worth it.

    AppZapper is handy, but it’s not something you use a lot. It’s also not something you can be sure is really working. Yes, it will allow you to delete apps and gets rid of their stray pref files, etc., but you’d never REALLY know if it was missing stuff. I like having it, but not sure I’d miss it if I didn’t.

    I’ve had ChaChing for a long time. When it first came out I used it a bunch, but like anything (keeping finances in order, diet, exercise), doing the right thing can be hard to keep up with. After not using for a while, I tried again and there were, as expected, many updates. There were a lot of improvements at that time but a couple of changes to the way it works that I found more annoying to use. I haven’t tried again for a while, but keep thinking I should as maybe there will have been more improvements.

    All in all, I’d get it just for CSSEdit if I didn’t already have it.

  5. Dave says:

    I’ve owned 1password, Awaken and AppZapper for a while now and love all of those apps. I went ahead and got this for Pixelmator, CSSEdit and Coversutra. I figured that the other apps would come in handy someday too.

  6. Brandon says:

    I actually wanted to get this app mainly fore coversutra and pixelmator. I found that alwaken was incredibly use full, and being that my computer is far away from my bed in my dorm, i can use the apple remote to snooze and such. i love it to death.

    Does anyone have any tips for pixelmator if im just trying to edit on a slightly more basic level? it seems really complicated to me, but i havent throughly read the instruction manual yet, not enough time.

    I agree that Wingnuts 2 is awesome, and VERY addicting.

    Snapzpro will be cool (if anyone has some tips for this as well that would be awesome) because my mom just got a mac and i can show her more easily how to work the computer that way.

    All in all, awesome bundle, and I dont regret getting it, i just want to figure out how to better utilize everything 🙂

  7. Eric says:

    Hey, any last-minute shoppers out there want to help me out by using my invite to buy the bundle, be my guest. I’d like to try LaunchBar and Notebook 🙂

  8. airfang says:

    Same here, could not hold it any more and pulled the trigger…although I don’t even know which app I really want… guess I just like to bargain

  9. Robert says:

    I bought the MacHeist Bundle for Pixelmator, CSSEdit, and VectorDesigner. Snapz Pro, CoverSutra, Cha-Ching, and AppZapper sweetened the deal for me. I may try the remaining later.


  10. Simon says:

    Fell for the heist too.

    We have fallen in love with Pixelmator here. It’s the sort of app that you try and wish Apple would just buy the company and add it to iWork (along with Vector Designer) to replace the bits from AppleWorks that they forgot to put in.

    If you missed the heist, get it anyway.

  11. One piece of info I couldn’t get on their site: When you buy the bundle, do you only get the apps’ current versions or are you entitled to the rest of the free dot updates, like you would if you bought the app normally? (E.g. You get Coversutra 2.5.4 but you can’t get a free upgrade to 2.6) I ask this because it seems that last year’s bundle was only good for the current updates. Shortly after, the developers put on new versions which I was not entitled to download without an upgrade fee. Anyone knows anything?

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