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Apple delays Apple TV “Take 2” software

Apple’s “MacBook Air Now Shipping” announcement had a bit of bad news hidden insde.

“CUPERTINO, California—January 30, 2008—Apple® today announced that MacBook Airâ„¢, the world’s thinnest notebook, is now shipping. MacBook Air measures an unprecedented 0.16-inches at its thinnest point, while its maximum height of 0.76-inches is less than the thinnest point on competing notebooks. Apple also announced that the new Apple TV® software update, which allows users to rent high definition movies directly from their widescreen TVs, is not quite finished. Apple now plans to make the free software download available to existing Apple TV customers in another week or two.

Hmmm… what are the chances the 2 week delay is so they can develop a way to download and install a Blu-ray player? Because that would be awesome.

I actually just bought the 40 GB Apple TV last week with the help of a gift certificate I won from In general, I think it has potential, although none of the problems I have with it are being addressed in this update. But I’ll wait 2 weeks for it to arrive before I go on an Apple TV diatribe. Maybe they are working on things like sharing specific video playlists as we speak.

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  1. Peter says:

    Good to hear that you finally ot an Apple TV!

    You know what I would like to be seen in the software update? The ability to use Composite hookups without having to jimmy rig the device.

    There have been quite a few people who have gotten the composite to work by a simple 10 second hack, yet apple wants to keep it to only Component, or above.

    I think that they’ve made this item nearly unavailable to a lot of people who don’t feel like shelling out the extra ton of cash for high def.

    I certainly hope that the 2 weeks gives them time to get it right the first….. oh, wait… this would be the second time, wouldn’t it….

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