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Apple apparently moving to “All Yellow” packaging

So, what is the deal with spy photos and white balance? If this yellowish spy shot (sent in to Mac Rumors) is legit, it could mean we’ll be seeing a new Mac mini soon, possibly as early as tomorrow.

Hmm… that box doesn’t look big enough to have a keyboard and mouse… I guess people like me who bought the first mini only encouraged Apple’s ridiculous BYOKD&M mentality. Well, if this is indeed the mini’s new box, I’m glad to see Apple so prominently promoting the fact that the mini still has WiFi. But where’s the picture of the power cord? Surely that is a big selling point too. Personally, I’m hoping everyone’s got it wrong and this is actually a shot of the new Mac Pro. It’s long overdue for a makeover as well, and this mini seems to have the same 5 USB ports as the Pro. Hmmm, 5 USB ports… That means I can bring TWO of my own Keyboards, and THREE of my own mice! Thanks Apple!

11 Responses to “Apple apparently moving to “All Yellow” packaging”
  1. Goobi says:

    *rehashing an age old comment*

    But will it play Doom?

  2. odin says:

    It also comes with ethernet!!!! YES!

    This is the new “nicotine stained edition.” For smokers who don’t want people to know their Mac is stained, they can now just buy it yellow already.

  3. Dave-O says:

    What’s so bad about BYOKDM? I’m using the keyboard from 3 computers ago. The mouse is newer because I got a Mighty Mouse (which didn’t exist back then). Why do you want a new keyboard and mouse with every machine? Has there been some radical new revolution in keyboard design that I missed?

  4. roy says:

    lol this is one the first apple related stories in ages

  5. Rubén says:

    Great! Finally something about Macs on Macenstein. I still don’t have iPhone…
    More please 🙂

  6. Brian J. N. says:

    Is it just me, or does it look rather cluttered..? I thought Apples standard was, that it should look more “clean”.. 5 USB ports???? My 24″ iMac has 3 USB ports… This might be true, but sorry for being sceptical.

    Oh, and the yellowing.. Is that just not the lighting/bad camera..?

  7. A Gilleard says:

    4 years of apple R&D and they come up with that revolutionary design? No chance.

  8. odin says:

    So if anyone who discounted it’s reality is still here, that be the new Mac Mini. Rofl. 5 USB ports are nice, then you don’t have to buy a usb hub. The two separate display ports is sill though.

  9. odin says:

    Seriously though Apple needs to lower the pricing on their upgrade options… Add a 1TB drive to a Mac Pro for $300?

  10. Jonro says:

    Only takes 5400 RPM HDs. Definitely not a replacement for an iMac.

  11. odin says:


    Apple doesn’t actually want you to buy a Mini. Minis are like having a Porsche key chain but really driving a Toyota.

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