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Worse than being sent to the Spice Mines of Kessel

Oh, the humanity! Such a fate should not befall any droid, let alone a Mac mini.

Above: You should see their bidet

Well, on the plus side, at least using the Mac mini as a toilet paper dispenser ensures that the toilet paper is delivered in the proper, “overhand” method, instead of that ridiculous “underhand” style that some lower functioning people sometimes use.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Vonspace for the tip!
[via Macity]

11 Responses to “Worse than being sent to the Spice Mines of Kessel”
  1. Kelly says:


  2. Kelly says:

    Damn. I thought this was the giveaway.

  3. Anonymoose says:

    The google translation of the site is pretty awful.

  4. Jim says:

    What a great idea! That application will come in handy for future downloads.

  5. crsrc says:

    haha, i hate the underhand method. My ex roommate used to always load the tp that way. Then again he also used to throw the used paper in the garbage next to the toilet instead of flushing it.

    oh, and btw, you are exactly right, we are no longer roommates because I called his girlfriend a dirty ass bitch when he denied the shit paper was his… I guess he took offense to this but I mean come on, if it wasn’t me, and it wasn’t him…?…

    I think dirty ass bitch might have been a little on the kind side

  6. Chris Leither says:

    Underhand style sucks… I don’t get why ppl mess around with that.
    You go some place… i.e. a party or something… the the paper in underhand style… change it to the CORRECT, the one and ONLY correct upperhand style… go back to the party… and after a couple hours or so… you got to use the toilet oncec more just to see it switched back.

    I mean wtf ?!… it’s soooooo impractical…

    On the other hand… Windows is impratical too… but tell that the 8x.x% of the ppl who use it…

    Oww life, why art thou so cruel…

  7. vonspace says:

    when I first saw the picture I almost shed a tear..with my girlfriend making me feel even worse about it , cause she started saying that someone shouldn’t care abaout what that guy did to that poor defenseless mac mini… When almost had a fight when I answered her : Shut up!….you’re a pc! (worste offense ever!! 🙂 )

  8. iShervin says:


  9. arlene says:



  10. Teegan says:

    That is awesome….
    Apple should include this as a feature….haha
    *The mac Mini – Faster, Browner, still Mini.*

  11. Teegan says:

    btw why does the Mini have a Mini DVI AND a Mini Display Port?

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