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OK… how about THIS one…

[UPDATE: OK we have confirmed this one as fake, but we’re leaving it up for discussion’s sake. The other one with the weird vent hat thing still has potential.]

Another day, another Mac mini “leak”. I’m not sure why we’re getting all these, but I find them interesting, so here you go.

Click to embiggen.

I’d love to believe this one is real, but it looks like someone took all the criticisms of the last Mac mini post and created a new, slightly more plausible/boring design.

At this point I have to assume we are being jerked around, as this has the same “The world’s smallest desktop computer” tag as the last one, but loses the top bezel thing, moves the power LED to the right and makes it white, like the current mini. To top it off, it’s been thrown onto the Apple homepage for an extra dose of “authenticity”. Still, if I were to envision what a new Mac mini might look like, this would be it.

Besides, it came from France, and we all know imported rumors are better than US ones).

20 Responses to “OK… how about THIS one…”
  1. Rowlings says:

    jerked around? where’s your conspiracy-minded mind, Doc?!
    Obviously the first shots were leaked to you to cause confusion and discredit this shot, which is clearly the real deal.


    Looks really nice though..

  2. Alex says:

    The “T” and the “.” in the headline fall outside the frame of the website. Fake.

  3. mawes says:

    for the headline “the worlds smallest desktop computer” the picture is way too big. i mean… there it looks like a monster. not very apple-like advertising

  4. Blesst says:

    I am pretty sure the slot at the front must be a LP-slot, for it must be the smallest desktop computer with a LP-slot build in. And with that in mind it is quite a small picture, don’t you think?

  5. Jay Robinson says:

    And, that’s not an apostrophe.

  6. flo says:

    right mark^^

  7. macpeter says:

    no way

  8. baltimoresbest01 says:

    if this is supposed to be released at macworld, why is there a christmas ad in the bottom right hand corner. if this were real, it would have to be announced today….

  9. fusio says:

    And what about this one ?????
    New NETBOOK from Apple… Fake ?


  10. John Madden says:

    I’m only so-so with Photoshop and Adobe CS as a whole. Good enough to keep my job, but there are many, many out there better than me. With that in mind, I could *still* do this in about 15 minutes, and with less mistakes.

    At least the whoever faked the shot of the netbook fusio linked to got the font right.

    I’m calling BS on both, though.

  11. Luis says:

    Keep them coming, I agree to call this one a fake too. I wonder who has this much time to waste on these mock ups, I know… Just tell him to keep guessing, this is fun.

  12. secretmrx says:

    Fake, the gradient on the text is too “sharp,” Appleâ„¢ always uses a nice soft but noticable one.

  13. Brian says:

    fake. the bottom still has the holiday thing going on.
    “Have they been really good this year? Free express shipping 12/22”.

  14. Dave-O says:

    First of all, the current mini isn’t white. The top is, but the sides are aluminum. Secondly, if Apple were going to release a mini so obviously inspired by the new MB and MBP, it would be brushed aluminum, not white.

    I second all the other criticisms about the crappy text. Dumb apostrophe? I don’t think so.

  15. .
    the new MacMini “could”” be a very small “MICRO-Mac” OR a “POCKET-Mac” with Docking Station(s) as suggested 1.5 months ago on my blog:

  16. PhilippeB says:

    I think they’ll make something like an “unibody” Mac Mini, maybe a macbook without keyboard and screen…
    Or something taller like that one :


    It would do a perfect Media Center for me, I’ve waited for more than a year to buy a new mac mini to build a nice home theater mac…

    Maybe january will be better than christmas this year !

  17. Rick Curran says:

    Nope, I think this is going to be the new Mock Mini, erm, Mac Mini…


  18. Col says:

    The title’s missing an asterisk at the end for the obligatory footnote:

    * and the world’s largest power supply.

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