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“Hey! LEGO my Mac Pro!”

On a scale of “1 to Awesome” this LEGO Mac Pro rates a solid Awesome. Not only is it a faithful scale model replica of a real Mac Pro (designed using Lego Digital Designer 2.0), the thing actually houses both a Hackintosh PC running OS X AND a Mac mini.

Awww… they totally wussed out on the monitor…

That’s impressive enough to rate this rig a 9, but where it achieves true Awesome” status is that it has a mini LEGO Steve perched on the Apple logo.

Suddenly the term “bricking your computer” takes on a whole new meaning. In fact, it took 2,588 LEGO bricks to build this monster.

Not sure where LEGO Woz is… probably stuck on a LEGO Segway somewhere with LEGO Kathy Griffin.

[via Gizmodo]

2 Responses to ““Hey! LEGO my Mac Pro!””
  1. Chaplare AKA Jonathan says:

    Ahh, Lego and Apple… nice find Doc.. that is indeed the awesome… I wants one!

  2. EatKodosDaily says:

    But how does it compare to the real thing?

    Is it as easy to modify the inside components? I imagine it’s a pain in the a** to take down the side and do some open-case surgery (and then even harder to put it back together.)

    Also, how well does the fan work? I see no air holes…

    And I imagine those handles arn’t going to actually support it so picking it up by the handles is a bad idea.

    So yes, it’s creative, but no, it’s not a worthy successor for the Mac Pro case.

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