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Hide your Xbox 360’s shame with Lian Li’s Mac Pro rip-off case

Odds are if Apple ever decided to resurrect the Pippin and it would look more like the Apple TV or a Wii than a Mac Pro, but still, for hard core Mac gamers who are desperately trying to forget they enjoy playing games on a Microsoft console, case maker Lian Li has the answer.

Their XB01 case for the Xbox is more than a little reminiscent of the long-in-the-tooth-styling of the Mac Pro and the G5 tower before it, and may be just the thing to help camouflage the Xbox 360’s design. Made in Taiwan with the “Finest Quality Craftsmanship”, Lian Li’s case promises to keep your machine running cool, and will run you a cool $150 to do so.

Above: OK, maybe not a total rip-off. They didn’t put the Apple logo on the side…

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader chaplare for the link!

[via Kotaku]

12 Responses to “Hide your Xbox 360’s shame with Lian Li’s Mac Pro rip-off case”
  1. n@ says:

    How exactly is this a Mac Pro rip-off? The designs look NOTHNG alike, save for the mesh front, which isnt exactly an Apple-only feature. Must be a slow news day if youre pushing this kind of story. Weak…..

  2. N@,
    I have posted a side by side pic. If you do not see a resemblance, then I dare say you are reading the wrong site.
    This site is for blindly fanatical Apple Fanboys who think apple has invented everything, starting with the wheel.
    -The Doc

  3. Kval says:

    Absolutely ANY resemblance, you’re right n@ 😉

    Have you ever clean your eyes “Dr” ????

  4. dizzy says:

    It’s not identical, but you can see it’s pretty similar. They both have a “mesh” looking front end and the edges are curved. What it’s missing is those handles / stand or whatever you want to call it and an apple logo 🙂

    As per the “Finest Quality Craftsmanship” I bought a Lian-li case for my Windows computer (yes windows) and its a really nice case. Light, yet sturdy feeling.

  5. Twenty5 says:

    wow…. if thats a rip-off then you havent seen anything yet.

    I agree with N@.

  6. Richard says:

    Well Apple DID invent the wheel..

    im just waiting for my V1.1 upgrade to stop it crashing.

    (hey its 8am, not exactly comedy gold time 🙂

  7. Reynayd says:

    You are right Dr. I can see the resemblance….Lian Li must pay for their insolence 🙁

  8. Chaplare AKA Jonathan says:

    There is a enough similarity to justify the post, however after all I sent it over to the Doc so I am a bit partial… Anyhoo, nice to see it somewhat started a debate, I for one vote on it being similar, but as I did find the original post on a gamer news blog, one could argue they only saw the similarity because after all they are gamers and and have little experience with Apple outside of iPods, iPhones… because we all know how much us Mac users have none of those cool things called games.

  9. MasterMacNikon says:

    “…if Apple ever decided to resurrect the Pippin…” If memory serves, the original idea for the Pippin was killed and Microsuck bought out the designs and the XCox is the final evolution of their mucking around.

    Just another example of Apple having true innovation and then Microshaft stealing it and mutating it into their own.

  10. JCM says:

    This is a pointless piece of crap… This is a modding chassis, if you get the RRoD then you can’t return it and will need to buy a new 360…

  11. powers says:

    Long in the tooth? I guess. But that’s kind of like calling the 911 long in the tooth. It’s a great design, and I hope when they refresh it, it doesn’t totally blow like MBA.

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