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Looks like Apple failed French

According our good friend Chris over at the French Mac site macgeneration, Apple’s MacBook announcements were riddled with quite a few spelling/grammatical errors, the most notable being this one.

Apparently “parfaitement con” translates to “perfect idiot” in French. Whoops!

The page has since been changed to read “parfaitement conçu”, or “perfectly designed”. Errors were also found on the Displays and MacBook Pro pages which changed their intended meanings quite a bit.

14 Responses to “Looks like Apple failed French”
  1. Jens says:

    there were some grammar, typo and layout mistakes on the german site but nothing spectacular like this one

  2. - Jie - says:

    Congrats on finding the “ç” key, not bad for a QWERTY-boy 😀

  3. Fred says:

    He has a Mac–oh, pardon, Maç–where the C-Cedille is as easy as Alt+C.

  4. yojan says:

    fell right on the nose

  5. Dannybuoy says:

    I thought con is the naughties word of them all.. c£&t.. ooh la laaaaa

  6. Tegan Ellis says:

    Wow, looks like someone might need to go back and take a few English, I mean French classes. That’s definitely going to be a blow to Apple’s sales in France and the surrounding areas. Did someone miss the spell check?
    Now this isn’t a life or death situation. I mean no one cursed or defamed the name but it does make Apple appear ignorant. Not a good way to do promotions. Maybe next time around they will get it right!?

  7. Dave R. says:

    @Dannybuoy: nope, there are much worse ones than that 🙂

    One meaning of the word is a lady’s front bottom, but the word isn’t as rude as c£&t, just as fanny or twat isn’t.

    You’ll like this, though:

  8. West says:

    I know one of the people personally responsible for French translation at Apple – she’s a meticulous person, so I am wondering what fell through the cracks here :S

  9. Alan says:

    I love the bottom one on the macgeneration.com page. “New design. New functions. New technologies. Completely designed according to criteria that are yet to be specified.”

  10. Lance says:

    Doesn’t it actually mean ‘perfectly c*nt’?

  11. Jiff Mean says:

    Ahh its just French, so what!


  12. SEN5241 says:

    Ce ne pas bon!

  13. Hapa says:

    I can hear Stevie now, “Off with their heads!”

  14. Jonro says:

    Hi. I’m a PC. And I’m a Perfect Idiot 🙂

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