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The iMac Shuffle

Introducing the new iMac shuffle. It’s the desktop that had everything. Now, there’s less. We’ve taken out that pesky glass screen and carved the entire computer out of aluminum, for extra sturdiness. Why no screen? Well, we wanted to make the iMac shuffle even more lightweight than its predecessors, and make sure that there was nothing to distract you from the Apple logo. For inspiration, we looked to our newest, most brilliant product… the new iPod shuffle.

Amazingly Uncomplicated
Taking out the screen allowed us to make the iMac even thinner. Seriously, if we turned it to the side, you nearly wouldn’t be able to see it. We’ve also built in our latest technology – VoiceOver. We liked moving the iPod controls out of the iPod shuffle so much that we decided to replace the keyboard and mouse with the same elegant input device…our inline remote.

Click here to read the full description of this truly drool-worthy machine. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Douglas for the link!


12 Responses to “The iMac Shuffle”
  1. James W Lane says:

    Now that is one of the funniest things I seen today 🙂 Nice one Doc.

  2. LOL

    Very interesting project!

  3. z says:

    Seems like you’re beating on the dead horses bones to me…

  4. redbrown says:

    Where can I get one?

  5. Tom Sheppard says:

    Finally, a computer specifically for the visually impaired. I guess there’s no need for a DVD drive, just a CD drive. Makes for a lower cost iMac too. Brilliant design.

  6. Shooby says:

    Leave this kind of stuff to The Onion, which did it better a couple months ago.

  7. iShervin says:

    Funny that is…

  8. odin says:

    They should call the mac mini the BYO Screen iMac.

  9. But what would people with no arms or hands do.. Obviously, Apple has not thought about that!

  10. Our lightest iMac ever.

  11. Dave-O says:

    I’m with z on this one. It might have been funny if the suffle ever had a screen. FAIL.

  12. Smorgasbord says:

    I’ll wait until “iMac Shuffle For Dummies” comes out. They uncomplicate things for me. They speak MY language.

    In all seriousness, I suggested to Apple to come up with a sensor that lets the user use sign language. Think how easy that would be. Typing in another language would be easy. Set it for Russian and it prints the words in Russian.

    If we taught sign language in our schools, and other countries did to, we could all communicate with each other anywhere in the world.

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