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LEGO My iMac!

If there’s one thing I love more than Apple gear, it’s LEGOs. Well, OK, there’s nothing I love more than Apple gear, but LEGOs are a close second. Maybe third, after chocolate. That’s why I particularly love this LEGO G4 iMac made by Bjarne Tveskov out of a 7-inch digital picture frame.

“There is no Apple hardware inside (for now),” writes Bjarne, “but the screen can display videos, images and TV (there’s a digital TV tuner built in). I almost managed to get a motorized CD-tray in there, but most of the space in the bottom was needed for weight-elements. The screen is rather heavy so there is a lot of stress on the swivelling arm, but it worked out quite well.”

Above: Bjarne even managed to to create a little homage to Pixar’s Luxo Jr short. Nice.

5 Responses to “LEGO My iMac!”
  1. kuzya says:


  2. The pedant. says:

    Aaaaarrrrghhh! For God’s sake, please stop calling Lego “Legos”! It’s wrong!

  3. vonspace says:

    very nice…..and very sweet the luxo Jr tribute… 🙂

  4. tveskov says:

    Thank you very much for the nice writeup. Maybe next time I’ll try and create something involving chocolate + LEGO + Apple 🙂

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