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Behold the Lanix AIO22 – Mexico’s 22,644 Peso Black iMac clone

Looks like those of you jonesing for a black iMac are in luck, assuming you don’t mind it really being a PC and having to take a trip down Mexico way… Faithful Mexican Macenstein reader Christian writes:

This is a scan of a brochure that telmex (phone land carrier and owner of telcel) send me in order to convince to buy a clone of my iMac.

the brand is Lanix model AIO22, it is a totally black iMac and it costs 36 pays of 629 pesos (13 pesos per dollar do the math)

Wow. By our calculations that comes out to roughly $3 million. Must be a pretty sweet machine.

10 Responses to “Behold the Lanix AIO22 – Mexico’s 22,644 Peso Black iMac clone”
  1. Meraz says:

    Telmex sucks !!!!

  2. Nathan Toone says:

    I get $1,741.85….

    (629 / 13) * 36

  3. Andrew Akker says:

    Yeah, really…depending on how you look at it, either $1,741.85, or $22,644.

  4. Imagine Engine says:

    22644 Mexican Pesos converts to $1727.73 CDN.

  5. Dave-O says:

    Apparently Doc was including the cost of the damage to his soul.

  6. CyberTeddy says:

    when i went to a new big electronic stor i gothenburg, one of there young salesmen showed me a HP computer.
    the first thing he said: “its like these iMacs, just with touch screen”.

    i played with it and think its ugly and slow. well, it’s nice to work with fingers/hands but if you switch off the large screen you can SEE what you did.
    who wants to clean a large screen evertime after work?

  7. Abraham says:

    Actually is around $1,741.85, not 3 million!

    Cheers from Sonora, Mexico


  8. OK guys, I was obviously (or not so obviously) KIDDING about the $3 million thing. We ALL have the conversions widget… geez

    -The Doc

  9. odin says:

    I am selling a fake mac mini for $874 😛

  10. odin says:

    “We ALL have the conversions widget… geez”

    Unless we are running a pre-Tiger version of our favorite OS.

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