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How Mac OS X’s Alex Helped Roger Ebert “speak” again

When legendary film critic Roger Ebert lost his lower jaw to cancer, his career, and perhaps cultural relevance both appeared to be in jeopardy. Yet thanks to recent technologies such as blogging and Twitter, he has been able to successfully make the transition from being one of the most prolific and opinionated “speakers” to one of the most prolific and opinionated writers. He’s proven it’s quite literally “the THOUGHT” that counts, not how... Read More

How to make any text selection into a Stickie Note

Here’s something cool/useless I just picked up on Reddit, so I figured I would share the fruit of knowledge with you. Have you ever wanted to select a bit of text and immediately create a Stickie Note note out of it? No? Well, here’s how anyway! Read More  Read More

Now THAT’S a Mobile Home!

We’re no stranger to the Apple inspired art of Uber-talented interface artist Johannes P Osterhoff, but we must say, we’re quite impressed with his latest endeavor, the “Giant Home Folder Icon”. While it was apparently not designed as a Halloween costume, I would have definitely put an extra Snickers in his bag if he showed up to my house. And let me just say for the record, I mean that LITERALLY, and not in as some sort of sexual inuendo. Although,... Read More

No Wonder Apple hates Java – New Java Trojan Attacks OS X

Oh snap! Time to panic and blow things out of proportion! Another OS X Trojan Horse is on the loose, and this time it’s personal. Personal, in this case, meaning it can get you where it hurts – FACEBOOK! According to SecureMac (which has more than a passing interest in security fear mongering…) SecureMac has discovered a new trojan horse in the wild that affects Mac OS X, including Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6), the latest version of OS X. The trojan horse, trojan.osx.boonana.a,... Read More

So what are YOU looking for in OS X 10.7?

So earlier this week Apple sent out invitations for its Back To the Mac event, set for next week. I’m not sure where our invite is (they always seem to get stuck in our spam filters I guess) but the point is it looks like Apple is ready to pretend it cares about its Mac business unit again, and will likely be previewing OS X 10.7. It’s always a bit of a fool’s errand to try to guess what Apple intends to show off based on their invites, but let’s take a... Read More

This is so much cooler than a bobblehead

Yes, we have similar license plates, and while I still think my plate is more grammatically correct, my California counterpart (and new nemesis) has created something so awesome, I have nothing to say but… well played sir. Well played. via flying with kites via weloveapple  Read More

Apple – The most romantic OS on the planet

Everyone knows the French are the most romantic people on the planet. After all, they have a 1063 ft erection in the middle of their capital (Ba dum bum!). Well, faithful Macenstein reader Jordan sent us a link to a love song by French singing sensation Calogero which not only makes heavy use of Mac imagery in the video, but the song itself is called “Pomme C”, or “Apple C”, which to all you johnny come latelys is what they Command Key used to be called... Read More

Wow, I wish “Flash” were playing… get it? Flash?

I just happen to be experiencing a TON of beachballs today with my Adobe products (After Effects, mainly) and remembered this pic. (BTW, Photoshop is clearly hotter than Illustrator.) [via 9gag]  Read More

Ghost Busting with the Genie Effect

[via dump]  Read More

Snow Leopard “Nail Painting” tutorial: Finally you can match your nails to your OS!

Hey ladies, have you tried everything to land that super-hot Mac Geek in your life with nothing to show for it? Well, assuming you’re not ugly, the problem might be your nails. Everyone knows a true Mac geek likes their woman’s fingernails to match their OS, and nothing screams OS X 10.6 like Snow Leopard Fingernails! Above: Well, she’s certainly no stranger to makeup. Check out JulieG 713‘s video tutorial (below) on how to paint your fingernails with... Read More


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