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Mac Gestures Made Me a Better Lover

Straight from Faithful Macenstein reader David Ritter‘s “Song a Week Project” comes Mac Gestures Made Me a Better Lover, a New Wave 80’s-inspired GarageBand ditty that will no doubt be climbing the charts any day now. If David’s taking request, I suggest he write a Mac Love theme for those of us who are married – maybe something like “My Wife Keeps Giving me the Spinning Beachball of Death”. (Ba Dum BUM!)  Read More

I think I want to marry Chad

As we all know, a good man is hard to find – lord knows I haven’t found one yet. And while I may be happily married to the Bride of Macenstein, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t ditch her in a second if I found a man like Chad, who, as you’ll see below, not only made a laboriously well-thought out marriage proposal video to his girlfriend Vy, but also might (almost) have as many apps on his iPhone as me. Is it just me or does it seem like it would be a little... Read More

Be my virtual BFF

Since I am apparently incapable of making real, live “flesh” friends, I would like to encourage you to become my virtual BFF. Here are some places you can find me: Social Twitter – @DrMacenstein FaceBook – drmacenstein MySpace – (that’s right, MySpace) – doctor_macenstein – macenstein iPhone games Game Center – Dr Macenstein Words with Friends – Dr Macenstein  Read More

Apple – The most romantic OS on the planet

Everyone knows the French are the most romantic people on the planet. After all, they have a 1063 ft erection in the middle of their capital (Ba dum bum!). Well, faithful Macenstein reader Jordan sent us a link to a love song by French singing sensation Calogero which not only makes heavy use of Mac imagery in the video, but the song itself is called “Pomme C”, or “Apple C”, which to all you johnny come latelys is what they Command Key used to be called... Read More

Hopeless Romantic

The Bride of Macenstein is no stranger to romance. Early on, while dating, I got her a .357 Magnum handgun for her birthday. I figured with a present like that, she could get herself all the jewelry she wanted. Well, flash forward some 15 or so years to Mother’s Day 2010, and the romance is as alive as ever. Behold my Mother’s Day gift to the Bride of Macenstein! That’s right, it’s a collage of all her Flight Control HD scores, something ranked just above... Read More

Not exactly what Apple intended the iPad to be used for – WARNING! NSFW

I don’t know who Ryan Kelly is, but apparently she’s French, hot, naked, and owns an iPad. This clip is EXTREMELY not safe for work, and I hesitated (briefly) in posting it, but I just got back from the MOMA in New York where there was some super lame video installation with real, live naked people, and let me tell you, this is every bit as artistic as that was – it just doesn’t have a bunch of security guards standing around making sure you don’t touch... Read More

My God, it’s beautiful

And our page loads much faster without all the crappy Flash ads! 🙂  Read More

Applegirl002 sings her way into our hearts

Meet Applegirl002, or as I like to call her, “The Future Bride of Macenstein”. Sure, I’m already happily married, but let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before she leaves me, and any woman with 3 iPhones who can sing like Beyonce is someone I can really see spending the rest of my life with. Maybe I’m blinded by love, but I think she has a really nice voice, and I can easily see her as the opening act for the new Journey band, filling... Read More

Apple Store Wedding looks as uncomfortable as you’d think

As big a fanboy as I am, and as understanding as the Bride of Macenstein is, I don’t think I would ever attempt to get married in an Apple store. It’s sort of like getting married in your mistress’s apartment. Yet that’s what the Li’s did this Sunday (Valentine’s Day). Yes, there’s nothing like committing to spend the rest of your life with someone as strangers shop disinterestedly for iPod cases nearby. It’s GOT to be what Mrs.... Read More

Announcing the “Where in the World is Steve Jobs?” Contest Winners!

I’d like to give a big thank you to all of you who took the time to enter our “Where in the World is Steve Jobs?” contest! I think if anything this contest proves that just because you own a Mac, doesn’t mean you’re artistic. I kid! I’m sure your mothers all think you are very creative! So without further ado, here are the winners, and a bunch of honorable mentions. If you don’t see your entry here, don’t feel bad. It just means... Read More


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