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Announcing the “Where in the World is Steve Jobs?” Contest Winners!

I’d like to give a big thank you to all of you who took the time to enter our “Where in the World is Steve Jobs?” contest! I think if anything this contest proves that just because you own a Mac, doesn’t mean you’re artistic.

I kid! I’m sure your mothers all think you are very creative!

So without further ado, here are the winners, and a bunch of honorable mentions. If you don’t see your entry here, don’t feel bad. It just means it really sucked.

1st place: “Jobslight” by Charles (dudes on the sides are Eric Schimidt and Jeff Bezos)

2nd Place: “Stephinx” by Don

3rd Place: Steve Barbershop by Antonio

Honorable Mentions:

16 Responses to “Announcing the “Where in the World is Steve Jobs?” Contest Winners!”
  1. Daniel says:

    No wonder I lost, all of these are fantastic!
    I should have at lest came up with Thundercats! ?Dugh!?

    Congratulations to all the winners and “Honorable Mentions.”
    All of these would make great wallpapers or folder icons on a Mac. 😀

  2. These are brilliant! Deserved winners.
    Although love the Statue of David one!

  3. Yeah, the David one was almost a winner, I went back and forth between that and the Sphinx for the “old world” angle. I just thought that David was a little easier as it was a straight head replacement, but it really was very close. We alos got a couple Statue of Davids, so the Sphinx had originality going for it. But a lot of these made me laugh.

    – The Doc

  4. Dan says:

    So the creepy pic wins? Albeit, the quality of insertion along with cast of characters was quite good, but I think this tells us more about the judges than we wanted to know…

  5. @Dan,
    oh, creepy almost ALWAYS wins (although almost all of them are creepy). Plus as you said, it’s technically well done, he incorporated almost every geek of note, AND it is a take off on the Twilight poster, so it’s topical.

    – The Doc

  6. Justin says:

    Awesome! Wish you saved this for Monday morning so at least the worst day of the week would start out with a laugh.

  7. Todd G says:

    I never saw “Twilight”, but I’d be first in line for “Jobslight”. These are wonderful; and WOW, I suck at creativity…

  8. Daniel says:

    I don’t know. I DO like the thought of the Sphinx, but I feel like based on how it turned out, it might be one of the least – good ones in this list. It just looks like the Jobs head was made semi-transparent and plunked down on the Sphinx.

  9. Charles says:

    Finally my deranged sense of humor has won me something other than frightened stares! It was actually a lot of fun, otherwise I would have stopped after Steve and Bill. Thanks a lot Doc!

  10. Guillermo says:

    Jaja mines got mention of honor jaja… I’m really happy although I didn’t won jeje maybe next time

  11. Colored~BallPark says:

    lmao on the twilight on… lmao. nice job that does desrive 1st place… lmao.

    nice job everybody.

  12. Colored~BallPark says:

    twilight almost made me to never like vampires. not be cause you might think im scared. they just made twilight into a “homo” vampire seris. what so sracy about “hom” vampire that do romantic crap and not killl pepole and drink until there victums are dried up!! again nice job make fun of tiwilght. expect steve deserves a more respectful role that picture. i feel like you making fun of him. not that i care but without him ther will be no “good” “awsome” Macs

  13. Aldo Johnson says:

    Umm… where IS Steve in the “Waldo” one? I think I need bifocals

  14. Mitch Preston says:

    Haha, I spent 5 minutes looking for him in the “Where’s Waldo” one. Good job whoever had that idea.

  15. Yashar says:

    Incredible stuff… the David should’ve been in the top 3 in my opinion… the one with “where’s waldo” was amazing… took me a while to find Steve Jobs in there… but whoever is looking for him in there, look at the top left corner., there’s a table with boots on it… steve jobs is standing near the cashier behind that table wearing a red striped shirt… good job on jobs everybody… well done!

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