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Disheveled Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Sarah Silverman

Well, after a long drought of Celebrity Mac Chicks, this has been a stellar week. Faithful Macenstein reader stupod sent us two iPhone shots he noticed from Sarah Silverman‘s Twitter. Went running in Tompkins Sq Park and ended up adopting 11 kids. I am such an impulse buyer! Ben “Jewish” Schwartz and myself on the set of Peep World. We are brother and sister.  Read More

Attention Whores

Above: Lee and Mandy profess their love in front of 200 confused, roped-off strangers, just like Mandy pictured as a young girl. When considering a marriage proposal, far more important than the choice of person is the location. Yes, it’s not important how long you’ve known someone, what really matters is that when it comes time to pop the question, you have as many complete strangers there to witness the event as possible. Their uneasy, confused applause – a reaction... Read More

A guy who is “turned on” by thumbs

Get it? Cause that’s a Power Button symbol this genius has had permanently embossed on his right thumb via what looks to be a fairly painful process known as skin removal. Now, I have my share of regrettable tattoos, but skin removal seems a little out there even for me. Although I must say the thought of being able to give everyone the finger while pretending to be promoting the benefits of FireWire DOES sound rather appealing… [via BME news via The Gadgets]  Read More

Video: The Macintosh Software Dating Game with Bill Gates (1983)

I once told a friend that I got “douche chills” watching a comedian bomb on stage. He had never heard the term before, and asked me what I meant. I wish I had had this clip then… “Apples are Red, IBM’s blue, if Macs gonna be the 3rd milestone, I need all of you!” Yes, douche chills are that odd, physically “chilling” sensation that runs between your shoulders and down your spine caused by feeling incredibly embarrassed for someone,... Read More

We wish you a nerdy Christmas!

“What happens when a group of Apple nerds volunteer to set up their high school’s Christmas Tree in the main lobby? They make an Apple logo tree topper of course! “ I actually think a better question is “What is up with that one kid’s pectorals? “ They appear to be radioactive. What with the “War on Christmas” being hard fought, I’m actually surprised a school would even have a Christmas tree, much less let the school... Read More

Justin “I’m a Mac” Long now dating Kirsten Dunst

That’s right. According to the New York Daily News, Apple pitchman Long and “Celebrity Mac chick” Dunst were spotted “…making out hard-core while waiting in line for margaritas. They were holding hands and were all over each other.” Long has become quite the cocksman of late. Just a month ago Long and Drew Barrymore “were all over each other” until the pressure of the iPhone 3G launch broke the couple up. (We’re assuming).... Read More

A little something for the ladies… Justin Long naked

Yum. Well, here’s a little something for the ladies. A Shirtless Justin “I’m a Mac” Long on vacation. (Yes, that’s Drew Barrymore he’s with. Looks like Justin’s got game!) We actually found some shots of John Hodgman on vacation with Ethel Barrymore, but in the interest of good taste, we’re not publishing them. More pics of the happy couple after the jump Read More  Read More

Buy a MacBook, get a free… husband?

According to Cosmo, which is NEVER wrong, girls looking to find a single man need look no further than their local Apple Store. That’s right. Thanks to sky-high Mac and iPod sales, Apple’s 142 Stores have made Cosmo’s short list of the The Best Places to Meet a Guy. Although, if Cosmo’s readers look anything like their cover girl, odds are they could meet a man at a Girl Scout meeting. So, what’s the Apple Store’s draw? ” Most guys... Read More


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