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Disheveled Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Sarah Silverman

Well, after a long drought of Celebrity Mac Chicks, this has been a stellar week. Faithful Macenstein reader stupod sent us two iPhone shots he noticed from Sarah Silverman‘s Twitter.

Sarah Silverman iphone

Went running in Tompkins Sq Park and ended up adopting 11 kids. I am such an impulse buyer!

Sarah Silverman iphone

Ben “Jewish” Schwartz and myself on the set of Peep World. We are brother and sister.

3 Responses to “Disheveled Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Sarah Silverman”
  1. Tice says:

    Great photo and even better subtitle. : )

    The cap reminds me of on old (and the only one I know) english joke: What’s the difference between Beer nuts and deer nuts? Well, beer nuts are a Dollar fiftynine, and deer nuts are under a buck/bug. I guess it’s better to tell then to write.

    Nice article btw.

  2. Matt says:

    even when she is dress like she was playing softball she look hot…. Oh and the iphone is nice too.

  3. pulp says:

    Disneyland Africa?

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