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Attention Whores

Above: Lee and Mandy profess their love in front of 200 confused, roped-off strangers, just like Mandy pictured as a young girl.

When considering a marriage proposal, far more important than the choice of person is the location. Yes, it’s not important how long you’ve known someone, what really matters is that when it comes time to pop the question, you have as many complete strangers there to witness the event as possible. Their uneasy, confused applause – a reaction to the uncomfortably awkward situation you’ve created –is a memory you will want to hold onto, long after you’re divorce is finalized.

It’s a simple concept, and one that Lee Herbet understood completely as he proposed to his girlfriend of 6 weeks at the grand opening of the new Apple store at the Westfield Galleria in Roseville California. Of course, when one considers that Lee must have decided to propose at least a week in advance in order to pick out a ring and such, that means at best the two knew each other five whole weeks before deciding to take the plunge.

I’ve spent longer researching a TV than that…

Of course, it’s not the quantity of minutes you’ve known your fiancé, it’s the quality of that time. And since the two flew in all the way from Australia, that means they’ve spent almost as much quality time together on a plane, as not.

OK, enough. I know I am being a cynical bastard. It should be noted that the duo flew in to attend the WWDC, so assuming both of them are Mac heads (and my lord, if Mandy isn’t, then I feel so utterly, extremely horrible for her) then an Apple Store proposal almost makes sense.

Since the two of them apparently enjoy well-wishing from total strangers, may I be the first, er, 254th, complete stranger to wish them my heartfelt, utterly meaningless best wishes. Good luck kids! And I don’t care what anyone says. I know you didn’t do it in hopes of getting any type of free Apple gear or on-stage mention from Phil Schiller at the WWDC (and more forced applause from the even larger captive audience).

Whoops! There goes that cynicism again. Seriously, good luck, and enjoy your free iPod touches when you get them.

[via iPhone Savior]

12 Responses to “Attention Whores”
  1. Ed says:

    I read this article twice, trying to figure how this fit into Macenstein. Maybe if the guy got turned down and there were a video, it would be more entertaining.

  2. imajoebob says:

    Jeepers. I waiting longer than six weeks before I committed to upgrading to OS X 10.4.

  3. darrell says:

    @Ed – i’ve been following the docs rants for about a year now and this seems like a macenstein story when you attach the cynical commentary.

    i do hope the marriage lasts though. lots of public proposals (mostly at sporting events) are usually accepted to simply get out of the awkward situation.

  4. Alex says:

    Just wait until he upgrades to the newest model next year, like any good Mac person does. She’ll know to clear of such nerds.

  5. Ed says:

    @darrell, yeah, I’ve already had three people close to me who have divorced. Good luck to this couple anyway!

    I found some of the craziest YouTube videos are of public proposals turned down. Check this one out:

  6. I wonder if that is the same Lee Herbet that works/worked for Renaissance here in New Zealand who used to be the official Apple NZ but now they’re not because Apple is now the official Apple NZ?

    It kind of looks like him.

  7. Jonro says:

    If I met a woman who was willing to fly across the world to attend an Apple event, I would marry her on principle.

  8. H says:

    LW – Yes it is Lee from Rennaissance.

    It’s very sweet if you know their actual story as opposed to what you’ve printed here.

  9. Dave-O says:

    @Ed, it fits into Macenstein because it happened at an Apple Store opening. Had he proposed at the Pre launch, no story.

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who finds public proposals more manipulative than romantic.

  10. P Hy says:

    Best wishes to this cute couple and their futures =)
    I hope I get invited to the wedding =P

  11. Craig says:

    @H on Sun

    YEah, that’s the whole point. It’s sweet if you know them, which none of the people there did.

  12. H,

    I’ve met Lee before at a business conference held here in Wellington, NZ.

    Really nice guy but I know nothing about his personal life so can’t help about this little occasion.

  13. Lee Herbet says:

    FYI… more than 4 years later and we are both still happily married… to each other 🙂

    I also work for Apple now, so double YAY!

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