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Buy a MacBook, get a free… husband?

According to Cosmo, which is NEVER wrong, girls looking to find a single man need look no further than their local Apple Store. That’s right. Thanks to sky-high Mac and iPod sales, Apple’s 142 Stores have made Cosmo’s short list of the The Best Places to Meet a Guy. Although, if Cosmo’s readers look anything like their cover girl, odds are they could meet a man at a Girl Scout meeting. So, what’s the Apple Store’s draw?

” Most guys are natural gadget lovers, and with sales of iPods and MacBooks skyrocketing, more men than ever are stopping by Apple boutiques. The vibe at the stores is conducive to man meeting too: You can check your email among cuties, take a free workshop on anything from Photoshop to podcasting (a great opportunity to strike up a conversation), or just survey the, ahem, good-looking merchandise.”

Cosmo’s other two brilliant suggestions for locations are at “The Gym” and at “A Fortune 500 Company”. Out of these 3 choices, the Apple Store certainly seems like the least shallow location, if not one with the hottest guys.

I can’t say I ever noticed “hot” guys at the Apple Store, but I admit I wasn’t looking. So, if you’re a single Mac Chick into “checking your e-mail among cuties”, head over to the Apple Store. And if you happen to look anything like that Cosmo Girl above, please consider entering our Mac Chick of the Month feature!

11 Responses to “Buy a MacBook, get a free… husband?”
  1. Jojn says:

    Is this your way of subtly letting us know that you will soon be rolling out a “Mac Cute Guy of the Month” feature?

  2. Jimmy L says:

    Hmm… I’ll take a free husband. Husbands are the bomb! They’ll work endless hours to please you for no good reason =) Then, when they come home, you simply start screaming at ’em for no good reason and they’ll cower away and go sit in a corner all by themselves i.e. they won’t bug you.

    Husbands rock. Period.

    If you’re a drudge fan:

  3. Em says:

    Of COURSE Cosmo is never wrong.

    I went to my local Apple Store this past July – interested in purchasing a MacBook – and was helped by a very cute and charming salesboy.

    Flash forward: Eight months later, I am the proud owner of not only a MacBook, but my own personal MacBoy.

    (I secretly believe that it’s part of the ProCare deal. Ladies, never underestimate the power of reading the fine print!)


  4. Brad says:

    I’m sorry ladies, but the merchandise you’re checking out is typically batting for the other team. They’re doing more then just “Thinking different”. mmkay? word.


  5. Cass says:

    SO true…i date a Mac Specialist…and yes, he’s hot 😉

  6. caroline says:

    i met my boyfriend there and now we are shopping for an engagement ring 🙂
    he sold me a case for my macbook and the next thing i know we were inseparable. also if your computer ever gets messed up or you need some programs an apple man will give you the best hook ups ever. i got an iphone for my b’day

  7. Sal says:

    “Is this your way of subtly letting us know that you will soon be rolling out a “Mac Cute Guy of the Month” feature?”

    Yes please! Don’t girls and gay guys deserve some iCandy too?

  8. Kevin P says:

    However, if you are meeting a boy at the Mac store, chances are, hes a mentally deficient hipster, who isn’t actually that gadget savvy.

  9. apple lover says:

    Sigh… Get your facts correct.. Apple does not give works shops on NON APPLE software… Hence they DO NOT give work shops on PhotoShop. If you have One on One training, and the trainer knows Photoshop and is comfortable enough to teach it, it is at his/her discretion to teach a customer it.
    Nuff said.

  10. Keith says:

    Why not Linux? I’m sure both Windows and Linux users are pretty hot too.

  11. Dood says:

    um…there’s not Windows or Linux stores….

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