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Hopeless Romantic

The Bride of Macenstein is no stranger to romance. Early on, while dating, I got her a .357 Magnum handgun for her birthday. I figured with a present like that, she could get herself all the jewelry she wanted. Well, flash forward some 15 or so years to Mother’s Day 2010, and the romance is as alive as ever. Behold my Mother’s Day gift to the Bride of Macenstein!

That’s right, it’s a collage of all her Flight Control HD scores, something ranked just above Jewelry and sightly below chocolate on most women’s wish lists.

You may recall that for quite some time The Bride of Macenstein had the number one score on a number of Flight Control HD levels, mostly because she was one of the first people to play the game, but also because she tends to kick ass. In fact, she is still in the top 5 on many levels, and like any true geek, is proud of the accomplishments which monopolized every spare waking hour of her life since we got the iPad.

Yes, now her Flight Control scores are some of the first things people see when entering our house, which should give you a pretty good idea of how we decorate.

And to all those women who had to put on a fake smile and graciously accept flowers, jewelry, and cars this Mother’s Day, I say to you, “Sorry.” Hopefully your next husband will love you as much as I love my wife.

6 Responses to “Hopeless Romantic”
  1. Matthew "mad102190" Davis says:

    aww 🙂

    She’s gonna like this article. Especially that last sentence

  2. Kenneth says:


    At first I thought you framed 8 iPads and where out of your mind, not to mention out $4,000. Then you know I read the words…who doesn’t read the pictures first?! The .357 is probably what sealed the deal early on. Both great gifts! 🙂


  3. Philo says:

    And the rest of us enjoyed seeing snapshots of all the levels we’ll never actually get to see.

  4. Aldo Johnson says:

    Wow, you’re a good hubby, Macenstein 🙂

  5. Rob says:

    Okay, you think it’s a great present and I would not argue that point at all. What I don’t see, you telling us the reaction your wife gave after receiving said gift. I have a feeling you will be seeing the .357 coming out of mothballs soon. Speaking of mothballs…is it mothballs or moth balls? Do moth’s actually have balls?

  6. @Rob,

    hmm… well, she hung it up… so either she likes it, or she just likes Me.
    Either way I’m happy.
    – The Doc

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