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The REAL benefit to being an iPad early adopter

When new technology comes out, cynics often claim that the early adopters pay the price not only in actual dollars, but by serving as guinea pigs for ironing out buggy 1st gen software and missing out on the cool 2nd generation hardware. But when I brought home my new iPad to the loving arms of the Bride of Macenstein, she had an experience that no 2nd gen iPad owner is likely to ever have. (For a couple of hours at least) she had one of the TOP 10 FLIGHT CONTROL SCORES IN THE WORLD!

flight control hd high scores ipad

That’s right. We picked up our iPad at 9AM Eastern time at a Best Buy, long before Fed Ex preorders and Apple stores were dishing out their iPads to the faithful who foolishly orders theirs in advance, and when I got home I mentioned to her, “You know, I bet not that many people have fired up the new Flight Control HDicon on their iPads yet… If you played real quick, you might have one of the top scores near us”. Well, being a Flight Control addict, the iPad was snatched out of my hands halfway through the last sentence, and off she went.

flight control hd high scores ipad

Even her initial crappy score of 259 was enough to grant her “ASTRONAUT” status. Apparently Walt Mossberg sucks at Flight Control, since he had a full week’s head start on her.

flight control hd high scores ipad

As the scores began to trickle in, we saw that the nearest competition was over 5500 miles away, which, since we live in NJ, tells us someone had an iPad in the African country of Libya, pre-launch.

flight control hd high scores ipad

Flight Control HD has many new boards, as well as re-imagined versions of the old ones, and for a time, she had a top score on ALL of them. Even a lame “70” was enough to achieve a high score for a time, which, since we live in the heavily Apple-friendly NYC area, is unheard of on the iPhone version of Flight Control.

flight control hd high scores ipad

In fact, it’s just over a week later and she is still ranked number 2 in the world on many boards, and for such a die-hard Flight Control addict as my wife (seriously, she scares me sometimes) this was a thrill of a lifetime, and helped her (briefly) forget I spent $700 we didn’t have on the iPad.

flight control hd high scores ipad
Yes guys, she’s a keeper!

4 Responses to “The REAL benefit to being an iPad early adopter”
  1. anonymous says:

    get her to pose for mac chick of the month! with the ipad covering her vajayjay

  2. Colin says:

    Flight control astronaut? Crazy! Has she ever been the Mac Chick of the Month?

  3. Pjotr NL says:

    She is probably the doc’s private Mac chick of the “Rest Of His Life”

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