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A vote for me is a vote for me not asking you to vote for me anymore

Hey guys. Thanks to you, I am now in FIRST PLACE in the iPhone contest, so thanks a lot! You guys rock! Click above to vote for me. However, as seemingly insurmountable as my lead looks, it is by NO MEANS a lock, so let’s not get lazy. My primary competition seems to be mounting a last-minute effort with 5 hours left to go, so I need your help. Please let everyone on the planet you have ever met know that the fate of the free world depends on me winning that iPhone. At... Read More

Who wants to win a 2-year old, lime green iPhone?!?!

[UPDATE: Yes, I DID win, and yes, I DID get my prize, and yes, I DID pick a winner of the green iPhone, and NO, it was not you, sorry, it was faithful Macenstein reader Danielle (twitter @bookophile ) who won. Thanks for helping me out though, I am sure the 3Gs I won will bring you many months of joy in reading about it.] [UPDATE: Hey guys, looks like I won, thanks so much for your help! I will be picking a winner of the lime green iPhone once they send me the prize, so it may... Read More

A vote for me is a vote against crap

Attention faithful Macenstein readers. I need your help. I recently stumbled upon a contest sponsored by Sorenson (makers of the Squeeze compression utility) where users upload a video describing the one feature they’d most like to see added to the iPhone, and the video with the most votes wins an iPhone 3Gs. I noticed most entries are fairly lame, so I made a slightly less lame one, and just uploaded it. Click above to vote for me. We all have our own list of “missing... Read More

Dear Apple: Please invent something else, I am sick of writing about the iPhone

The biggest benefit to writing an Apple-related blog is that traditionally your readers are as obsessed about what you are writing as you are. If you have even a remotely interesting opinion, even wrong ones like mine, you can quickly build a loyal following of faithful readers who are dying to read about even the most irrelevant piece of minutia, as long as it is Apple-related. The biggest drawback, however, is that Apple releases only about 1 new product every 2 years, and only... Read More

Random prize: Send us your local Apple Store Network screengrabs and get a free iTunes gift card

Man, it’s hard to find free help these days! I wanted to check out the amount and kinds of computers on display at various Apple Stores across the country, and figured the best way would be to ask Apple Store shoppers to send me screengrabs of the “Shared” window on whatever computer they were using. A quick Google search turned up hundreds of Apple Retail Store (ars) iChat addresses, so I added a bunch to my buddy list, and patiently waited for them to come... Read More

New “unlimited” iPhone plan has same old embarrassing SMS limits

As someone with no friends, the basic 450 minute iPhone calling plan with its 200 text messages is more than adequate for my needs. However, each time I go to the movies (by myself) I notice the throngs of teens (with friends) text messaging each other, quite often texting the person sitting next to them. It actually seems these days that text messaging is more important in a phone than the actual ability to make a call. Because of this, I find it odd that AT&T’s... Read More

Adobe misses its first Leopard compatibility deadline

“We expect to publish free Leopard compatibility updates for the video applications in December 2007” – Adobe Remember back right around the time when Leopard was due to be released, Adobe put out this PDF meant to scare educate potential Leopard buyers as to possible incompatibilities between Apple’s new OS and Adobe’s CS3 Suite of apps? In it, Adobe assured us that “Thanks to close collaboration between Adobe and Apple, most of the CS3 applications... Read More

Anyone have a blogads invite?

Posted by Dr. Macenstein We hear this “internet thing” is catching on, and that in theory, people can make money from their lame sites. Or at least make enough money to keep them going. Being the type of business people we are (namely, poor starving artists), Macenstein is, as you might expect, hemorrhaging money. Someone recently told us we should be using blogads to bring in the dough, but upon checking out their site, we see they are invitation only, meaning... Read More


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