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A vote for me is a vote against crap

Attention faithful Macenstein readers. I need your help. I recently stumbled upon a contest sponsored by Sorenson (makers of the Squeeze compression utility) where users upload a video describing the one feature they’d most like to see added to the iPhone, and the video with the most votes wins an iPhone 3Gs. I noticed most entries are fairly lame, so I made a slightly less lame one, and just uploaded it.

Click above to vote for me.

We all have our own list of “missing features” on the iPhone, but for me the one that tops my list is that no other music apps are able to run as a background process on the iPhone. Apple reserves that right only for the iPod app, which means if you are listening to Slacker, Pandora or AOL radio and want to check your mail or open a web page or play a game, the music has to stop. So the feature I would most like to see added is allowing background processes for ALL music apps. When I had my iPhone jailbroken I could do this and it worked perfectly, and is probably the one thing I miss most since UNjailbreaking my iPhone for the 3.0 software, and likely the biggest reason I will REJailbreak my iPhone.

Anyway, it would be great if you could cast a vote for my video. Again, it isn’t the best thing I ever made, but I at least spent 2 hours on it, which seems like 1 hour and 58 minutes more than anyone else’s entry. My only fear is I have entered the contest too late, as I only have 1 and a half days to get enough votes to win, so I need your help. A vote for me is a vote against crap.

Thank you.

23 Responses to “A vote for me is a vote against crap”
  1. Brad says:

    Not bad for 2 hours. Voted.

  2. The Lab says:

    You got our vote!

  3. Christian says:


  4. Trip Mitchell says:

    I was all set to be let down with your video – or at least mildly offended… but no – great video, perfect message. I agree 100% with you – you got my vote.

    Lettuce know when you win.

  5. bc says:

    great entry, I’m impressed! you got my vote.

  6. dlowe402 says:

    You owe me…I voted on my Mac Pro, MBP, 2 iMacs and 2 iPhones for a total of 6 votes from the Lowe Household. I might try the Wii later too.

  7. K.E. says:

    I am such a tool….

  8. John Hefner says:

    I can’t believe I took the time to watch any of the other vids. You got my vote doc!

  9. Marcus says:

    Voted and enjoyed. Nice background music, yet (I hate to say it) slightly predictable.

    Nice work.

  10. Julian Asamer says:

    Cool video, doc. I guess that Apple has a problem with internet radio apps because they drain battery like hell, and battery life isn’t that great the way it is now.
    Still, you are right.
    But then, what the hell do you need another iPhone 3GS for? Don’t tell me you haven’t got one already.
    But still, a vote for you is a vote against crap, so: you got mine.

  11. Matty says:

    Voted… You should change the first frame of the vid from white and throw in the DOc in his labcoat. ATM you just get a white box on the sorenson site.

  12. Brandon says:

    Voted. The video currently in the lead is cornball as hell and I certainly hope that guy doesn’t win. Jesus people… VOTE!

    (Side Note: God dammit, I can’t resist anymore. Downloading “The Ting Tings” now)

  13. Vicente says:

    Done 🙂

  14. Justin says:

    Nice video, albeit the music. Regardless, i voted, as you have an awesome website

  15. mav73gm says:

    Vote, clear cookies, repeat.

  16. Brandon says:

    You sure they don’t log IPs. Vote, clear cookies, reboot modem (DSL)?

  17. Yeah, I don’t know how or if they monitor entries, so I would say stay away from trying to flood the votes. Just spread the word to as many different computers (with different IP addresses) as you know.
    – the Doc

  18. mav73gm says:

    I did test it, and it worked. I didn’t however flood the site because I didn’t want to get the Doc disqualified.

  19. Douglas says:

    Hi, Doc.

    I just voted. Hope you win.


  20. ookami says:

    you got my vote too 🙂

  21. vonspace says:

    u got my vote doc !

  22. Paul Yorke says:

    Hey good luck! love your video, as a sorenson media employee I have seen a lot of the videos posted and this one I can tell really has had a lot of work go into it! Of course I agree with you as an iPhone lover! good luck!

  23. Ned Falconer says:

    Enjoy your 3GS Doc! 😀

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