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Anyone have a blogads invite?

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

We hear this “internet thing” is catching on, and that in theory, people can make money from their lame sites. Or at least make enough money to keep them going. Being the type of business people we are (namely, poor starving artists), Macenstein is, as you might expect, hemorrhaging money.

Someone recently told us we should be using blogads to bring in the dough, but upon checking out their site, we see they are invitation only, meaning we’d need a current blogads site to “invite” us. I’m not sure how crazy the demand for blogads invites is, so I don’t know if anyone just gives out invites just for the sake of being awesome, but if any blogads user is reading this and wants to throw us a frickin’ bone, we’d be their BFF.


-The Doc

One Response to “Anyone have a blogads invite?”
  1. Oh please me too ^_^

    I need th invete badly… 🙁

    somebody :’(

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