A vote for me is a vote for me not asking you to vote for me anymore - Macenstein

A vote for me is a vote for me not asking you to vote for me anymore

Hey guys. Thanks to you, I am now in FIRST PLACE in the iPhone contest, so thanks a lot! You guys rock!

Click above to vote for me.

However, as seemingly insurmountable as my lead looks, it is by NO MEANS a lock, so let’s not get lazy. My primary competition seems to be mounting a last-minute effort with 5 hours left to go, so I need your help. Please let everyone on the planet you have ever met know that the fate of the free world depends on me winning that iPhone. At this point, it is really almost as much about me avoiding the embarrassment of losing than actually winning. I really didn’t expect to be able to catch up so quickly in such a short time, but now that I have, it would really be kind of embarrassing to lose such a lead.

So please, tell your super popular friends, brothers and sisters to take 5 seconds out of their busy day and vote for my video. It will save me from entering a downward depression spiral which might cause me to forget where I placed all those Mac Chick of the Month entries…

17 Responses to “A vote for me is a vote for me not asking you to vote for me anymore”
  1. Ned Falconer says:

    Since I’m in the UK, it told me the contest had finished as it’s now after 10 pm here, so I congratulated you slightly prematurely on winning. I’m sure you’ll win in the end though! Good luck Doc!

  2. Justin says:


    not really sure if the contest is over or what as the timer is still going

  3. demoabi says:

    I love your subtle way to encourage us to vote 😀

  4. @bookophile says:

    Well, my counter is now going backwards and says the contest should have been over 1 d 3h 10m ago….but it looks like you won! WOO HOO! Congratulations!

  5. @bookophile says:

    Scratch that? Votes are still going up… oh, I just realized I did the math wrong… about 50 minutes to go… but you’re holding strong…

  6. Congrats Doc! I’m sorta happy for you!

    Now I’m going to go buy lottery tickets, and eventually own you.

  7. Daniel says:

    You’re at 1598, I say you won!

  8. Chris Leither says:


    Yup… the Doc won… gz… although I’m kinda jealous ^^

    But wtf… the weirdest and mostestly mostest strange pseudo Apple Community on the web could ezly arrange a win in this contest… what does us tell this about the loyalty of all people Macenstein !?

  9. David says:

    Congrats on winning

  10. Matt Davis says:

    Congrats Doc!! Now for a “thank you” article hahaha..

  11. Carlos H says:

    Wish I could take my vote back because now you’re not just whining, now you’re annoying the fuck out of me.

  12. Phillip says:

    Congrats on your WIn!!

  13. Christian says:

    Who won ????

    Did I ????

  14. Antonio Fraga says:

    you won!!
    and i want your green iphone..hehe

  15. Carlitos says:

    We did it, Doc! 😀 This clearly shows the ‘Mac community’ where we fans stand!

    If because of the timezone difference you’re still sleeping, you’re going to awake to a very nice surprise 😉

  16. Ryan says:

    You won. Now were is our Mac Chick of the Month!

  17. wigwamman says:

    Well done for winning doc!

    But check out this vid by your competition Mike Giesen, he’s calling you a cheat! He says his websites and promo methods must surely be bigger than yours!

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