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Dear Apple: Please invent something else, I am sick of writing about the iPhone

The biggest benefit to writing an Apple-related blog is that traditionally your readers are as obsessed about what you are writing as you are. If you have even a remotely interesting opinion, even wrong ones like mine, you can quickly build a loyal following of faithful readers who are dying to read about even the most irrelevant piece of minutia, as long as it is Apple-related. The biggest drawback, however, is that Apple releases only about 1 new product every 2 years, and only 1 or 2 minor updates to its existing products in that same time period. This scenario leaves you with a ravenous audience, but not much to feed them.

It’s all about the iPhone

Judging from the various online news and rumor sites, the iPhone, now a year old, is still all anyone wants to talk about. A quick check of Digg’s upcoming Apple section shows a ridiculous 90% of stories involves the iPhone. Sites such as MacRumors and AppleInsider likewise fill their pages with predominantly iPhone-related goodies. From the amount of media attention surrounding the iPhone these days, you would think more than 5.4 million people owned one. And while I could write 5 articles a day focusing on iPhone-related “news”, quite frankly I am sick of it. I am officially burnt out on writing about the iPhone. I own one, I love it, I even occasionally dress mine in my daughter’s Barbie outfits and make out with it (did I just type that?) but I’ll be damned if I want to write about it.

Not much on the horizon

Unfortunately, the future looks grim for this blogger. If Apple IS bothering to make any new hardware (aside from the next version of the iPhone) they have been able to keep the rumor sites distracted by the barrage of iPhone news and leaks. Nothing promising, innovative, or drool-worthy looks to be on the immediate horizon aside from the requisite storage/speedbumps to the MacBooks and iPods. No flying cars, Apple-branded Segways, or touchscreen digital cameras with 3D holographic displays. Just speedbumps, and an OS update that will pretty much just speed up the current OS.

So please, Apple. Invent something cool today. And if you already have something cool in your basement, let up a little on the security detail there – just a little – just enough to let some blurry pictures begin circulating on 9to5Mac. I’m DYING over here.

4 Responses to “Dear Apple: Please invent something else, I am sick of writing about the iPhone”
  1. Jonathan/Chaplare says:

    I am inclined to agree Doc, we need some new … blood, hm well that sort of fits.. meh, whatever, we do need something new. Something completely different, unexpected, and otherwise extraordinary, though it will be some time I think before we will see something that fills those qualities. I don’t want Apple to try to make a console, I already have my preferred gaming consoles and the last computer company I really was for went under because of it… stupid stupid Commodore… Anyone can make a console these days, even Microsoft apparently…

    Sooo… what should Apple create… I’m at a loss, there isn’t much room to develope something completely different, just new incarnations of previous devices. Though on those lines, I hear that a film company, I think it’s 20th Century Fox is working on a new kind of 3D, a 3D that will be as big a leap from current 3D as silent films was to technicolour talkies. Is straying off topic, back to Apple… they need something new, as long as I am on 3D.. I got it, Apple should create the Holodeck of Star Trek! That’s it! yep, okay, I’ll be waiting for my Holodeck now… sorry, my iHolodeck…

  2. Kensei says:

    Oops and I just sent you a iphone related story not long ago.

    I hope i wasn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back ther Doc ;p

  3. Kensei says:

    To be quite honest I take quite a bit of pleasure reading those stories that rubbish the iphone i.e. what its lacking or reading the comments of people responding to the latest fan boy defence of the phone that can do no wrong.

    Do I covet an iphone?, sure. But I am a tech enthusiast and I am not blinded to the devices shortcomings. I apply the same standards to every piece of tech I see.

    But Doc you are right, there is way too much coverage of iphone in the media, it’s become the media darling and every two bit journalist and blogger has an article with glowing with reviews on how it will solve world hunger and promote world peace.

    As a result there are more than a few commentators that feel they need to even the score a bit by reviewing the phone (some objectively, and other maliciously).

    This then results in the fanboy zealots coming out and writing stories and articles in vehement defence of their beloved gadget, thus forming a vicious cycle.

    The result? An internet filled with iphone stories and reader’s languishing from iphone fatigue. It;s worse here in Australia we have had to wait a whole year for the iphone and had to weather a whole years worth of media drivel and we still haven’t got to buy one yet ;p

  4. aranhamo says:

    You mean the iPhone isn’t Apple’s only product? I used to want an iPhone, but I am soooo sick of hearing about it that I definitely don’t want to own one. I have a cheap phone that makes phone calls; good enough. And under AT&T’s stupid rules, I don’t qualify for the subsidized price on the new iPhone either, so I definitely won’t be shelling out the $1,000,000 it costs to buy one without the subsidy, plus the extra $800,000 per month for the data plan.

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