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Apple owes Steve Jobs 38 years in back salary – but can’t find him?

From the WTF department: Gawker reports that for reasons unknown (and we’re DYING to know them), Apple has turned over the job of delivering an “unpaid debt” of $37.91, owed to Steve Jobs, to the State of California’s Unclaimed Property program. Apparently they can’t locate him on their own? Given Steve Jobs only makes $1 a year from Apple, that... Read More

PA laptop spying settlement: Student gets $175,000, lawyer gets $425,000

Well, this makes sense. Remember that case in Pennsylvania where a school district secretly took pictures of students in their homes via their Macs’ built-in iSights? Well, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Lower Merion School District has settled the suit for a whopping $610,000. Well deserved to be sure, given how creepy the prospect of the IT guy at a high school... Read More

Google TV remote redefines “Fugly”

For years I’ve been hearing how Sony is the closest thing to Apple that the “PC”-world has to offer in terms of a consumer electronics company which has a respect for beautiful, well thought-out hardware design. Well, I think it might be time to reopen the floor to voting after seeing this Google TV remote they came up with. Seriously, I think you would need THREE... Read More

Baby your iPhone with this umbilical cord iPhone charger

This just goes to show you that with a few billion people on the planet, virtually ANY idea will eventually come to fruition. Case in point, interactive media artist Mio I-zawa‘s umbilical cord iPhone charger. I would expect we should see this in Apple’s retail stores in time for the holiday shopping season. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jonathan for the tip! via... Read More

As if I needed another reason to steer clear of museums…

Well, I can take some solace in that apparently the Museum Administrators have to walk a good distance to use the bathroom. via We Love Apple  Read More

Holy S#!@

Faithful Macenstein reader Brian writes: “Dunno if you’ve seen this or not, but thought you might like this….” MIGHT like it?!? Of COURSE I’d like it! In fact, it’s in my Netflix queue right now Brian, (and don’t any of YOU guys try to cut in front and steal it from me)! Actually, for the first 20 seconds or so I was positive it was... Read More

Prediction: Apple will begin giving away bumper cases with iPhone 4’s and issue $30 credit for early buyers in the next 2 weeks

When I first heard Gizmodo‘s report that iPhone 4 cell reception was adversely affected by touching the stainless steel band that surrounds the iPhone 4 and serves as the antennae for the device, I was a bit skeptical. The fanboy in me wanted to think that since Gizmodo clearly has a bit of an ax to grind with Apple, they may be exaggerating the claims, or perhaps it was... Read More

iPad-based Mantaray iTar is almost as weird as its inventor

Actually, it’s not even close. Inventor FRANZ KELLER is much weirder. But still, “VJFranzK” does seem to believe in his product, and will actually sell any aspiring synth musician one of his brand new Mantaray iTar’s (iPad not included) for somewhere around $300. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader PJ for the tip!  Read More

A new take on the Konami code

Above: I’m not how you “level up”, but she sure seems happy. Yet another odd app approval choice in Apple’s totally arbitrary “war on porn” to protect our children, although I must say, I am almost tempted to get this one based solely on the “reset” procedure (below). Kind of makes up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right,... Read More


Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jurgen for the pic!  Read More


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