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Has this ever happened to you?

I can’t think of anything I love more than infomercials. Especially ones that start with black and white footage of some overweight slob struggling with an exceedingly simple task, while our hero, fit and in color, easily tackles the problem thanks to whatever amazing gadget we’re trying to sell. Well, if you anything like me, you’re gonna love the iBottle opener, an iPhone case/bottle opener that promises to finally make your iPhone useful. That’s... Read More

What happens when the MacBook Air meets dynamite?

Now that the new MacBook Air has been released, I think it’s safe to say that the old one is completely useless. Macenstein reader Scott Gawlik and friend agree, and decided to see what would happen if someone were to set of two M-1000 explosives on it. The results are as follows. Now, normally I am not impressed by the “blowing up of tech” videos (especially ones where they do not show whether the device was functional beforehand), and I’m still not.... Read More

Prediction: Apple will begin giving away bumper cases with iPhone 4’s and issue $30 credit for early buyers in the next 2 weeks

When I first heard Gizmodo‘s report that iPhone 4 cell reception was adversely affected by touching the stainless steel band that surrounds the iPhone 4 and serves as the antennae for the device, I was a bit skeptical. The fanboy in me wanted to think that since Gizmodo clearly has a bit of an ax to grind with Apple, they may be exaggerating the claims, or perhaps it was a problem affecting only a select number of handsets. Besides, everyone knows Apple would never sacrifice... Read More

Some things are just so stupid that they’re awesome…

… and some things are just stupid. I am somewhat on the fence here about the Retro TV Dinner Turkey Corn and Mash Potatoes Gadget Case for the iPhone/iTouch. Sure, it seems like a good idea for a joke gift, but at $20 it rivals the cost of many “real” iPhone cases that a person might actually use. Now, if it looked like bacon, that would be different. But as it stands, there are simply too many carbs for me. [etsy via TUAW’s twitter]  Read More

Why is Apple treating apps differently than movies and songs?

For quite a few years now Apple has been selling R-rated movies and sexually explicit songs on its iTunes store. In fact, half of the current Top 10 movies on iTunes are either Rated R or Unrated for scenes of nudity and sexual content. Currently 20% of Apple’s top 100 iTunes music chart are labeled as “explicit”, due to profanity and strong sexual material. Despite having the same ratings and parental controls in place for Applications as they do for movies... Read More

Remember Kids: Always Delete your Bomb Threats

You know how Apple has that ridiculous disclaimer in some of its software README’s which forbids you from using products such as iTunes for illegal activities, “…including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture, or production of nuclear missiles or chemical or biological weapons.”? Well, one New York teen apparently didn’t read the fine print, and is now facing seven years behind bars. 17-year old Jason Barry was charged with making... Read More

OMG I need two of these so bad!

I am of course referring to the WOMAN, not the Snuggie. I managed to successfully hold off on buying a Snuggie this holiday season, but a man can only be so strong. I meam, check out this new LEOPARD (as in OS X) Print Snuggie! How cool would I look?!? I can’t believe the bargain! Apparently if I order now I can get TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE plus a free book light, and I will certainly need two so I can wear one and use the other as a makeshift tent when the Bride of Macenstein... Read More


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