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Some things are just so stupid that they’re awesome…

… and some things are just stupid. I am somewhat on the fence here about the Retro TV Dinner Turkey Corn and Mash Potatoes Gadget Case for the iPhone/iTouch. Sure, it seems like a good idea for a joke gift, but at $20 it rivals the cost of many “real” iPhone cases that a person might actually use. Now, if it looked like bacon, that would be different. But as it stands, there are simply too many carbs for me. [etsy via TUAW’s twitter]  Read More

Profanity: When a 4 letter word just doesn’t cut it

Ever wanted to curse someone out, but wanted something really creative, or just so flat out bizarre that the person will think twice about your mental state before crossing you again? Well check out Profanity (99ยข app store), the iPhone app that helps you piece together some fairly original, if not effective, curses. Just give your iPhone a shake and out will pop some of the oddest assortment of would-be curses imaginable. While most of these 32 character epithets are a bit... Read More


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