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What happens when the MacBook Air meets dynamite?

Now that the new MacBook Air has been released, I think it’s safe to say that the old one is completely useless. Macenstein reader Scott Gawlik and friend agree, and decided to see what would happen if someone were to set of two M-1000 explosives on it. The results are as follows.

Now, normally I am not impressed by the “blowing up of tech” videos (especially ones where they do not show whether the device was functional beforehand), and I’m still not. But I must say, I am fascinated by this video just the same. Why? Well, I watch a lot of House Hunters on HGTV, mainly because I love to see how other people live. And this video has me rewinding and watching over and over… not the explosion, but the shaky tour of their house. First off, we have the super bizarre location, presumably in a side yard between houses in a fairly crowded area. There’s a nice falling down fence, lots of cinderbock construction, and some construction looking debris. Then around the other side of the house we see a reasonably nice patio (albeit with cracks, perhaps from past explosions), with an 1989 exercise bike that one of the fellows obviously does NOT use… then we see what looks like a bunch of TVs from the 1980’s (presumably those will one day also meet a M-1000). Then top it off with the barbed wire on the top of the adjoining house’s wall (perhaps to keep Scott out?). It’s all very interesting.

6 Responses to “What happens when the MacBook Air meets dynamite?”
  1. Jonro says:

    If there ever was a good video example of two pathetic losers, this is it. I imagine there is a kid or a nearby school that could have really used that MacBook Air.

  2. Karsten says:

    Jonro is right….dumb fucks.

  3. You Know Who says:

    Portly Camera Dude is entertaining, but the car alarm giggles are a puzzlement… “I didn’t know the explosion… of explosives… would actually be heard by others, who live less than six feet away…”

  4. Ajan says:

    A way to spoil the atmosphere.. dumb fucks.. if he’s so rich, he could try donating some for better causes

  5. Shahar says:

    I’m with you guys what a dumb asses….

  6. Micah says:

    Looking at the house I question if the Macbook Air even belonged to them?? Perhaps it was broken and they found it in the trash with all the other things in their yard.

    Worst of all, the two American flags hanging in the background of the exploding Macbook Air, make me question where America is headed…

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