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Hey, are you an iPhone owner who LOVES his/her Crocs? Well, I have good news and bad news for you. The Good news is, you can now buy this Crocs-inspired iPhone case for just $3.24 with FREE SHIPPING! The bad news? If you buy this case you are now banned from reading Macenstein.

iCroc iPhone case

iCroc iPhone case

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jonathan for the tip!

via Gizmodiva

9 Responses to “Oh HELLS no”
  1. I’ve seen something a much better looking one on an Apple Store Employee’ iPhone back in December 2008. Check the pictures here – http://www.boio.ro/iphone-crocs-case/

    That one was actually a decent case. If you’re a fan of the ugly water shoes, that is 🙂

  2. Killer's Dad says:

    There’s just no accounting for taste….

    And no Doc, I wasn’t even thinking of tasting you!

  3. Garanimal says:

    As me GrandPappy said to Uncle Kev “Them’s some faggoty shoes”, nuff said.

  4. dammitjanet says:

    anyone else read the image overlay as “fecalprice”?

  5. Heather L says:

    i never got the fad with crocs. Ok they were comfortable but they were ugly as hell why would you wear them?

  6. Min says:

    This case is ugly. But But, I love my Crocs shoes. I have three two pairs. One pair of water shoes for summer and one pair of leather shoes for winter. Yes, they have leather shoes now.

  7. Vidiot says:

    Wondering how it will make my phone smell after a couple of days. Wait… never mind; I bought the anti-fungal screen protector.

  8. ArtOfWarfare says:

    Buy one, drop it in water, sue the company for all they’re worth. It was inspired by a watershoe, and so, you, the typical retarded consumer that the courts are made to protect, have every right to think it promises to make your iPhone waterproof, and they lied to you, and owe you all that they have.

  9. Tom says:

    Why, dear Jeebus, why? Next they start using Dollar-Mart picture frames at the Louvre… I actually feel somewhat nauseous now.

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