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Adobe: 7 million people attempt to download Flash each month to their iPhones

Adobe unleashed a pretty damaging statistic in the whole “You Suck” , “Well you smell!” thing going on between Apple and Adobe right now. Apparently despite Steve Jobs’ claims that Flash is on the way out, Adobe reports that over 7 million iPhone and iPod touch users attempted to install Flash on their iPhones in the month of December alone. Stats were measured based on unsuccessful attempts to install Flash from

I’m not positive whether 7 million attempts directly translates into 7 million iPhone/iPod touch users – it’s entirely possible it’s just ONE GUY who really doesn’t get it – but I would imagine that it’s pretty obvious that at the moment at least, quite a few people would be willing to take a “buggy, crash prone” Flash implementation on their iPhone than none at all.

I know I misses my Webkinz!

[via SFGate]

20 Responses to “Adobe: 7 million people attempt to download Flash each month to their iPhones”
  1. Rowlings says:

    I’m guessing 6.99 million of those are iPod touch-using 12 year olds. iPhone users I think got the memo.

  2. KC says:

    Awesome! Yeah, iPhone users realize that we can’t get Flash; but I think some of us want it so badly, we’re willing to try a Flash download anyways. Once again Steve Jobs’ notorious closed-mind, deaf-ear approach is first out, and leaves the desires of the consumer at the bottom of the box.

  3. SirFoxey says:

    I figure 95% of those stats come from people visiting sites and being auto redirected to adobe to install flash.

    Statistics can say anything it is a load of crap, real users are glad there is no flash on iPhone. Real users use flash blockers on their desktop

  4. Bob Maguire says:

    That’s almost 0.4% of total iPhone/iPod Touch users trying every day.

  5. FlashiePhone says:

    I went on the site just to check if the message (see below) was real. So remove at least me and probably a few other “geeks/tech/nerd/fan”-guy.

    Personally, I couldn’t care less about Flash on my iPhone.

    The message says something like this: “Flash not available for your device. Apple restricts the use of technologies like Flash on the iPhone. Until Apple eliminates these restrictions, Adobe cannot provide Flash for the iPhone.”

  6. davewhipped goliath says:

    Your redirected to install it and it looks like its possible. But given a choice of flash or another option 98% of users would likley say other

  7. German Shepherd says:

    Having a graphically excellent device(s) that is unable to execute an overwhelming percentage of internet content is another example of the proprietary primadonna idiocy that will keep Apple in the back seat.

  8. What's the fuss about? says:

    Instead of trash talk, maybe Adobe should design a product that meets Apple’s expectations – let’s face it, Flash or not, the iPhone is a winner and continues to grow.

    Personally, I have more confidence in Apple than in Adobe, so I would choose Apple over Adobe if I had to make that choice.

    It’s really upto Adobe now – make Steve happy, if you want to reach out to the tens of millions of iPhone/ipod users.

  9. Robert says:

    OK, so how many of us can’t install Flash on our Windows PCs? I’m prompted on my Windows PC that there is a newer version of Flash, but when I click on the download and install it fails after a few minutes. Then I’m redirected to a technical support page to download a special flash removal tool. I run the program, it says its has removed flash but it hasn’t. Flash sites still work, I’m still prompted to update and the update still fails and I am once again redirected to the removal tool. Now Adobe wants to hack my Windows registry… *sign* I agree with Jobs, Flash is buggy. Personally, I can live without web ads and silly games on my iPhone.

  10. Dai Jones says:

    Hmm, yes – Apple is in the back seat. That’s clear from the sales of iPhone and iPod touch. How could they be so stupid as to produce a platform giving around 12m unit sales (iphone and ipod touch combined) per quarter? The idiots! But what do I know? I’m one of those idiots who disables flash in my browser, and so misses out on adverts even more tedious and crap than those forced on me by my TV subscription.

  11. darrell says:

    does mobile safari crash after they attempt to download it?

  12. Kool Skatkat says:

    If that many people surf the net to website that doesn’t support them, imagine how many ads, and content are missed. If you trying to get people to see something and they can’t, why still support fiash?

  13. Genovelle says:

    Flash is garbage and I block it on my laptop and am so glad I don’t get bombarded with the ads on my phone. My favorite is the super loud audio that plays with video. One had a bee buzzing and you had to look all over the page to find it to kill it. When the page would automatically refresh every 4 minutes it would come back.


  14. Jeff says:

    Ok, idiots and flash junkies…I want my iphone battery to last longer than 10 minutes and not crash. When flash can deliver that, I will jump on board. Until that time, stop bashing Apple for trying to maintain a stable device. Dont know what I am talking about?? Play Farmville and watch your Core2Duo 3ghz processor peg. Imagine that in your phone for just one second….ya…flash sucks.

  15. Solly says:

    Speaking of buggy: Send Free SMS

  16. Momo says:

    @German Shepherd

    Which backseat is that, exactly? And as long as we’re getting specific, how did you determine the “overwhelming percentage of internet content” was Flash based?

    Hyperbole, like sarcasm, doesn’t make for a good argument.

  17. Irwin Jacobs says:

    One things that Steve jobs is absolutely correct about is Adobe has gotten lazy. One need only look at their horrible, horrible customer support to see that. In the past ten years I’ve seen Adobe’s support go from perfectly adequate to horrid.

  18. slappy says:

    Thats about 9% of all iPhone/iPod Touch users, accidentally thinking it would work. Probably trying out porn. So Adobe you fail. It’s not 98% trying to get FLASH, its just 9% or so that has a hard on trying to bust a nut! LOL

  19. KC says:

    id10ts. sporks suck, but when the world is all NY strip steaks, and it’s all ya got, you either learn to deal with it or starve. for those of you that find simple analogies hard to understand, the answer key is below.

    spork = adobe flash
    world of NY strip steaks = interweb sites utilizing flash content
    deal with it = quit yer bitchin’
    starve = view sites in a disabled way

  20. imajoebob says:

    I think all the articles this week about the Flash security exploits are a lot more damaging to Adobe than any faux statistic they create.

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