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The French government hearts Windows, hates iOS and Android

Oh, those wacky French and their crazy laws… always good for a laugh. Remember that wacky “Copie Privée” levy the french slap on blank writeable media, under the assumption that it’ll be used to infringe copyright? Well, faithful Macenstein reader (and apparent Android Tablet owner) Mike tells us that the French government is looking to impose that same tax (of about $19) to each iPad and Android tablet sold, under the same assumption that people willing to spend $700 for a luxury tablet they don’t need won’t fork over 99¢ for a song.

Since they already apply the Copie Privée to MP3 players and iPods and such, this wouldn’t be big news except for one thing. While the French feel iOS and Android tablets deserve to be taxed, for some reason the current proposed legislation is specifically making Windows 7 tablets exempt from the tax, claiming that Windows 7 is a TRUE, full OS, and not a mobile one.

Once you come to and pick yourself off the floor, feel free to reread that last line. The odd thing is the law, as proposed, really hurts French tablet maker Archos the most, which is one of the few French tech companies I have ever heard of here in the states. Archos is rightly pissed and making a mighty stink, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out for both Android and Apple fans alike. Incidentally, assuming the French government is anything like the US government, the only possible outcome is that Windows 7 tablets will also be taxed. With Archos paying over 3 million euros in tablet taxes in 2009 alone, there’s no way “the man” (or l’homme) would ever STOP taxing such a cash cow.

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7 Responses to “The French government hearts Windows, hates iOS and Android”
  1. CSquared says:

    Didn’t Napster start on Windows?

  2. CSquared says:

    Wasn’t Napster started on Windows? Leading to the “big” problem we have now?

  3. conkouati says:

    fortunately we still some few “good” politicians… our prime minister owns 2 macbook pro: one for himself (using personal softwares and private mail) and one used as a desktop computer… but he is struggling against unions and so…

    french, proud to be, but not every day 😉

  4. ZxieuS says:

    This tax sounds similar to the one in Canada and since they are basically charging you for copyright infringement in the first place means that they can’t take you to court since they already charged you once

  5. dasein says:

    Didn’t we do this in the U.S. when blank cassette tapes carried a tax on the same assumption?

  6. imajoebob says:

    Perhaps they figured the revenue for the few Windows 7 mobile devices wouldn’t cover the cost of enforcement?

  7. merry prankster says:

    Oh while we’re at it, let’s put a tax on panty hose and ski mask ‘cuse bank robbers always wear those. Ya know bank robbers always have a get away car so we’ll need to put extra tax on automobiles. Guns and knives too. Those need extra “criminal use tax”. Oh, let’s not forget clothes, ya know ‘cuse crooks always wear clothes (especially Brook’s Brother Suits).

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