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Steve Jobs was the world’s first Zillionaire at age 29

I was going through my dad’s sock drawer this morning, like I do every Friday, and I came across this old Playboy from February of 1985 featuring an interview with an about-to-be-ousted-from-Apple Steve Jobs.

Apparently at the ripe age of 29 Steve was the world’s first Zillionaire – no small feat, given that those are 1985 dollars (not to mention the fact that a Zillion is technically an imaginary number).

Of course, there’s always the chance that Steve may have been inflating his net worth a bit just to get chicks, as I noticed coincidentally in the issue is also an article entitled the “Art of Being Cocksure” – step 1 of which was “tell women you have a Zillion dollars.

20 Responses to “Steve Jobs was the world’s first Zillionaire at age 29”
  1. Jonro says:

    And drink plenty of Zima.

  2. Tice says:

    No, it’s actually less than a phantastillion! ; )

  3. Dan says:

    Thanks for the good laughs! Keep them coming.

  4. Doug Brenner says:

    Hmm Playboy? Make that a Bra-zilian.

  5. Rob says:

    Is that a peZ in your pocket or are you just glad to see me.

  6. health says:

    No, it’s actually less than a phantastillion

  7. Keith says:

    Is that a fact or a falsely-claimed statement in the magazine? So far, the only person that I know is capable to supersede that is Bill Gates.

  8. Acronyms says:

    When I saw the picture I completely forgot about the title =)))

  9. Andrew says:

    i get it, BRA-zillion, like the bikini wax! har har

  10. ed says:

    man..I can’t believe I sold that mag on ebay and never noticed the article. now I want to read it : (

  11. Mark says:

    “Bra-zillion” lol

  12. matt says:

    anyone else notice there’s a prescient article about Yahoo in here as well?

  13. Tyler says:

    lol. Nice find. Dugg

  14. Dave Greiman says:

    Gods can make up imaginary numbers.

  15. Anybody knows where to find the full article?

  16. lameking says:

    With all that loot and he still can’t find a way to have the iphone take videos, awesome!

  17. whaps says:

    does anyone know where a transcript of this interview can be found online?

  18. zaebano says:

    i think that the first zilionare at lower ages are the arabian sheiks, they have awsome bussines with oil

  19. Player Quiz says:

    Lets not forget that Steve Jobs was broke in the 90s i call him a Zeronaire

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