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Scared of Cell Phone cancer? Get an iPhone

Sound logic that using an iPhone is less likely to give you cancer than traditional cell phones.

iPhone No Cancer Commercial – watch more funny videos

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4 Responses to “Scared of Cell Phone cancer? Get an iPhone”
  1. Iphone users have no danger of cancer. But considerable research has also found no clear association between any other electronic consumer products and cancer.

  2. Jonro says:

    Not very funny, but as reader iPhone Apps Development says, there have been absolutely no studies showing a clear link between cell phones and cancer. We are surrounded by RF energy from television and radio signals, microwave ovens, ceiling fans and from the universe at large. Cell phones emit non ionizing energy, which means they don’t interact with the body, the signals just pass through it.

  3. john boy says:

    an Apple a Day….

  4. valkraider says:

    I wish someone would tell my mobile bill that my iPhone can’t make a call. My business keeps getting billed for thousands of minutes a month of calls on our iPhones…

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