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What are the odds it would land “camera up”?

I guess 50/50, actually… Check out this video of an iPhone surviving an 800 foot drop during a Airborne Parachute jump (Starts about 30 seconds in). Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Mike for the link!  Read More

Scared of Cell Phone cancer? Get an iPhone

Sound logic that using an iPhone is less likely to give you cancer than traditional cell phones. iPhone No Cancer Commercial – watch more funny videos via Funny or Die  Read More

Wow, even the viruses on the Mac look nice

Check out this video from YouTuber TheEdBott showing the Mac Guard/ Mac Defender virus installing with no password. Having never actually seen the virus, I must say, it DOES look pretty cool, much better designed than those Windows popups I get while surfing (on my Mac) telling me my Windows system is infected. “Here’s a start to finish, unedited video that shows how the Mac Guard fake AV program goes from a seemingly innocent Google search result to a full install... Read More

MST3K on the PC/Mac debate – Some things never change

Behold the epic “Mac Vs. PC debate, taking place “In the not-too-distant future, Next Sunday, A.D.” (Actually probably about 1990). Funny how the fanboy arguments on both sides haven’t changed in the last 22 years or so. Incidentally, if you were ever a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and if you’re over 29 years old, odds are you ARE) do yourself a favor and check out their live show, Cinematic Titanic. Also, pretty much all the old episodes... Read More

White iPhone plus sweaty palms =

New White iPhone 4 Commercial – watch more funny videos via Funny or Die  Read More

Sony’s Crackle comes to the iPhone/iPad with less crappy content than you’d think

I loves me my Slingbox, I loves me my Netflix, and I kinda like the ESPN Watch app, but that doesn’t mean there’s not any room left in my heart for one more streaming video app, especially one that streams the fantastic Married with Children episode “Rock and Roll Girl” featuring a super slutty “Kelly” (above) that a young Dr. Macenstein would often think of on those long, cold, lonely nights. So go out and download SONY’s free Crackle... Read More

Apple History: Interview with Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne

You know Woz, and Jobs, and Prancer and Vixen, but do your recall Ronald Wayne? Well, Dutch news show One More Thing did, and they managed to track down the elusive 3rd co-founder of Apple, and conducted a pretty interesting interview (well, interesting if you are obsessed with Apple minutia, like me). If you’ve ever wondered “Heeft u ooit spijt gehad van uw vertrek?” or “Heeft Steve Jobs uw adviezen overgenomen?”, you’ll finally get your answers.... Read More


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