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Enter to win a TankBot!

Thank you, we have out winner. This contest is closed I’d like you to close your eyes for a moment, and imagine the coolest thing in the world. Got it? Ok, it’s a cute tank that you can control with your iPhone, right? (Oh, you can open your eyes now, by the way… although you probably can’t see this… crap I should have thought this out better). Yes, thanks to our good friends over at DeskPets we are giving one lucky reader their very own TankBot.... Read More

Who wants to play a little “Friday Lock Screen trivia? – Win an iTunes gift card

OK WE HAVE WINNER! Congrats to faithful Macenstein reader Zach! (How did everyone get this one so fast? Google Goggles or something?) OK, first one who can correctly tell me The name of the show AND EPISODE TITLE these two chubby kids are from… Wins a $10 iTunes gift card. Remember, you need to answer BOTH parts of the question in order to win. I’m not sure how sending iTunes gift cards via e-mail work internationally, but if it works internationally, then I guess... Read More

Happy Mother’s day! We’re giving away TWO Pink iMainGo: X Speakers for Mom!

This contest is over. Congrats to faithful Macenstein readers rkbrwn and Anamarie Admit it. You forgot, didn’t you? Mother’s Day is only three days away, and you haven’t gotten her ANYTHING, have you? Well, time’s running out, and you’re too old to just draw her a picture or something. You need a real gift, and you know she thinks flowers are a waste of money. So now to make up for it, you’re probably going to panic, run out this weekend and... Read More

Enter to Win: An IDAPT i2+ Universal Desktop Charger

According to our demographics, odds are if you are a regular visitor to Macenstein, you are a 23-35 year-old male college graduate, who may or may not be married with children, which means if I were to break into your home while you were out (or sleeping), I would expect to find no fewer than 4 USB-chargeable gadgets. Likely you own at least ONE iPhone and one iPad, and perhaps even an iPod or two. Well, it doesn’t take a 23-35 year-old male college graduate to know that... Read More

Who wants to play a little “Friday Lock Screen trivia? – Win an iTunes gift card

OK, we have our WINNER! Congrats to Donut, who correctly described this scene from the “Nurse Stimpy” episode of Ren and Stimpy. Honorable mention goes to Richard Grewenig who got everything right except for who was sponging who, and also to Aldo Johnson who identified the other episode, Stimpy’s Fan Club. OK, first one who can correctly tell me who these 4 folks are looking at AND what they are DOING … Wins a $10 iTunes gift card. This one’s... Read More


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