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This is why the terrorists hate us

Awww… look at the cute little kitty playing with the World’s most expensive cat toy! That’s right, this is a real app. It’s called Game for Cats (iTunes), and it’s free if you have a (preferably declawed) cat you’d like to mess with.
Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Marksman for the tip!

4 Responses to “This is why the terrorists hate us”
  1. Glenn says:

    Actually, the glass of the iPad seems to hold up well against cat scratching. I’ve tested with my own cats, who aren’t super violent about it, but watched a youtube vid where a cat totally went nuts on the iPad and the poster said there were no scratches on it afterward. Go Apple!

  2. The Captain says:

    The US Government Exposed! Secretly training house cats to fire TOE Missiles! 😉

  3. Dan Smart says:

    Declawing cats is obscene, it actually involves cutting off a significant chunk of their toe bones and frequently causes them balance problems that leads to skeletal problems in later life. Please do not declaw your cats or encourage others to do so.

  4. Gprovida says:

    Cute played with my cats. However,

    1. Declawing cats is basically surgically removing the last knuckles or finger tips, very nasty thing and should only be used for worst situations. This is not really removing the claws. There are muscles and tendons etc.
    2. One of the great ironies is that Muslims have a deep affection for cats, since Mohammed was a Cat lover. Unfortunately, in Western, especially Christian world we demonize cats as “familiars” and agents of the devil.

    So I am a big cat (and Dog) fan but we have interesting cultural biases.

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