Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (May 2011): Veronica Ricci - Macenstein

Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (May 2011): Veronica Ricci

Veronica Ricci

Welcome to Macenstein‘s “Mac Chick of the Month”. Each month we feature a different die-hard, Mac-loving girl who is (almost) as well designed as the Apple products they love. This month we present you with the lovely Veronica Ricci, a Penthouse Pet and budding cook! Look carefully and see if you can spot the Macs in these pictures.

Veronica Ricci

Veronica Ricci

Veronica Ricci

Veronica Ricci

Veronica Ricci

Veronica Ricci

Veronica Ricci

– Name: Veronica Ricci
Currently it’s Los Angeles, CA
– Occupation: Jill of a few trades- Model, occasional exotic feature dancer, certified massage therapist, occasional actress, student.. working on more titles with time!
– First Apple product you bought: Well I had a 90’s iMac passed down to me back in the day but the first Apple product I bought was my iPhone 3G
– Favorite Apple Gear: iPhone 4 (can’t wait to get the next one though! I do use this all the time since it’s always with me…), The iMac (just keeps getting better), MacBook Pro, the Mac Pro, iPad 2
– Favorite non-Apple Gear: my vibrator- always there to relax me when I need it. There is even a vibe called “OhMiBod” that vibrates in synch with whatever’s playing on your iPod. Pretty wild.. I bet Apple would make the best, most user friendly vibrator EVER. I also like my “Ninja” blender/food processor- great for making smoothies and fun to use.
– Favorite iPhone Apps: Twitter app, The Onion App, Cracked (as in app, Camera+ App, Stitcher App (great for listening to free podcasts when bored such as at the dentist’s office or waiting in line- I usually find myself listening to the Deathsquad podcast on Stitcher or iTunes where I subscribed to DeathSquad.TV which is a family of comedy podcasts), Hipstamatic still (even though it is now inferior to many other similar apps), Epicurious App!, UStream App, Yelp App, Pandora App, Marvel App, Love all of those
– Favorite TV Shows: Dexter, Bored to Death, Shameless, Stephen Colbert Report, Conan O’Brien and Family Guy tops the list.
– Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Short Circuit (1 and 2 both good), Fight Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Donnie Darko, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Harold and Maude, Terminator, Toy Story
– Favorite Bands: Deftones, Cake, Air, Phoenix, Empire of The Sun, Tiesto, Of Montreal, Die Antwoord, TV on the Radio, Placebo, The Cramps, Cut Copy, Filter, Tool, Radiohead, Weird Al, Johnny Cash, Daft Punk, etc.
– Hobbies: Hmm.. I love to read, write sometimes, cook (trying out new recipes is the best and the EpiCurious App or SparkRecipes App is great and displays perfectly on iPad while hanging in the kitchen trying to figure out what to make tonight), paint sometimes, go to museums (Museum of Natural History in Manhattan is probably my favorite so far- so much to see there that I’m sure I need to go back and see it again), ride my bike especially at the beach, traveling especially for vacation not just work, camping, cuddling, going to fun events like ComicCon or BurningMan if I can make it, acting occasionally in short films or otherwise (especially surrealistic type, creative films or funny character skits)…
– Pets: When I moved to LA, I only knew a few people so I decided to get a doggy from the rescue mission. I am so glad I did too- she’s super playful, full of energy but very sweet and loving and looks great in pictures I take on my iPhone all the time when she’s running around being silly. It was a toss up on what I’d name her but I ultimately named her Xena the Warrior Princess and she even has her own twitter at and I plan to make a video of her and cut in scenes from Xena Warrior Princess the 90’s TV show using Apple Final Cut Pro 7. Although at this point I mainly just use iMovie for most small projects like that.
– Web site(s): Please follow me there! I update that most frequently at this point.. will be working on more projects soon!

Veronica Ricci

Veronica Ricci

Veronica Ricci

Veronica Ricci

To see more of Veronica Ricci, please follow her on Twitter at .

Warning: she posts a TON of NSFW naked iPhone shots, so only follow her if you’re into that sort of thing.


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Veronica Ricci
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Veronica Ricci
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26 Responses to “Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (May 2011): Veronica Ricci”
  1. Jeff says:

    Super hot! Great smile.
    But she must not be that good of a cook because she obviously isn’t eating anything she’s making!
    (or maybe she jogs to the grocery store)

  2. Rowlings says:

    Nice selection of apps. I love EpiCurious myself for recipes!
    (Love red heads, even the not-found-in-nature shades!)

  3. Jennifer says:

    Haha! FINALLY a girl who’s honest about her “favorite non-apple product”!

  4. Mark says:

    Well done! Especially since she’s a Mac Chick who listens to podcasts

  5. Steve says:

    If I wasn’t going to hell before, the thoughts I’m having now just got me express tickets. But it’ll be a fun ride!

  6. Tice says:

    Great! She seems to have a good sense of humor. Like the pineapple picture the most.

  7. MudkipLeiker88 says:

    The Photography is not very good. It’s usually very good in these Mac Chick Of The Month posts. But this time it looks like the photographer was a total noob.

  8. ghostshadow says:

    Wow! I really like this one hehe.

  9. Tom says:

    Marriage… 😉

  10. Danger says:

    Great chick! Nice nipple shots! Woohoo!

  11. slappy says:

    Red head and green eyes!

  12. Ed A says:

    sexy, sexy

  13. sine nomine says:

    The shot with the mouse would have been even better if it had been the old Mighty Mouse, no? People already made jokes about its scroll ball.

    PS – I think this Mac Chick is my favorite.

  14. Carlos says:

    Hot chick. But the age… “forever 21” yeah right, more like 31 but she is hot as Jalapenos!!! I don’t find a problem with with the photography it looks great as always. And there are even “cat” shots LOL.

  15. Adnan Ali says:

    awesome collection of photos, she’s utter hot.

  16. Jack says:

    Best Mac chick yet by far. Best everything. I want to see more of her dammmmm!!
    I love hot young redheads with big green eyes and nice tush! Rare combo

  17. speaker says:

    great pics she gets my vote

  18. Nigel says:

    My favorite, fer sure

  19. Sultan says:

    What up Redban Sultan here. Your GF is hot your should be proud. You went from a loser in Ohio to big pimping you’re my hero Redban!

  20. DSquad says:

    Whats with the pineapple, Is she jailbroken?

  21. Roganfan says:

    Joe rogan!

  22. Controlaltdeafeat says:

    You mean those girls that go naked and suck mens dicks?

  23. Lama man says:

    Is she ticklish pls say yes ?

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