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North Point Community Church’s iBand puts on iOS Christmas Concert

I don’t know what’s more impressive about this video – the skill, musicianship, and hours upon hours of practice that must have gone into this, or the fact that this church owns so many iPads, iPhones, HD cameras and high end editing equipment. Seriously, my church growing up had a candle. That was it. Maybe I would have stayed in the fold if my church had a bunch of Apple nerds in it… of course, back then they’d have to have been playing Jingle Bells on Laser-writers and Newtons and such… which in a way would have been much more impressive.

One things for sure, these guys’ stellar performance is making a good case for revoking tax exemption for the North Point Community Church. Those guys are loaded!

I kid, of course. I’m sure those guys were playing their own gear, not collection plate goodies. But let’s not look too shocked when we read about a break-in at North Point in the next week.

19 Responses to “North Point Community Church’s iBand puts on iOS Christmas Concert”
  1. Jay says:

    Looks like somebody forgot to sell everything and give the proceeds to the poor. They’d rather burn in hell with Apple gear than be saved without—an understandable attitude.

  2. photogirl333 says:

    Amazing music – thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Rob D says:

    Would have been much more impressive if there were people in wheel chairs finding the ability to walk again while hearing this. The dude with the Santa hat needs to stop rocking out…he’s freaking me out…

  4. Rob D says:

    Apparently the Apple gear belongs to the church…

    From a comment….

    “The iPads and iPhones you see in the video are used on a weekly basis for a production system called “ProCo Momentum” This system is used so the musicians can control their in ear mix on stage. Most churches go this route due the fact that it is a more inexpensive system than purchasing an audio console. Then the church purchases iPads to control them because Pro Co’s interface is the same price and is lacking in features. So yes,? they did take advantage and used the donations well”

  5. xchppio says:

    Anybody know what the handbell app is in the first song? I’ve been searching the app store without finding it.

  6. Danny650 says:

    Fantastic played, I think they have practiced some hours before this concert ! 🙂

  7. Cs says:

    Great stuff! How creative. And, for those who love to point out the specks in other’s eyes before removing their own planks, it might be worth looking into this church and what they DO actually give to the needy, as well as other ways they are reaching their local community and the global community. It’s pretty amazing. All things have context… it’s unfortunate that people and churches come under ridicule for simply having possessions that are expensive or desirable when that may very well be the way they are able to connect with people outside of our sphere of influence. Let’s just remember to have a little perspective. Sometimes things run deeper than what is seen.

  8. PugsRule says:

    Churches are NOT tax exempt in Georgia.

  9. Chet says:

    One little note about the iPads: according to the description on Youtube, the iPads and iPhones are BORROWED. The church did not go out and buy these things just to make a band. It sounds like at least some of these belonged to the guys that you see playing.

  10. SCase says:

    Does anyone here have an idea of the cost of owning all the instruments in reality, not just software equivalents? I’d imagine using all these iDevices is a huge cost savings, since good musical instruments are not cheap.

  11. seearees says:

    I just saw a band called The Limousines last night and their DJ was using an iPad. They were actually pretty awesome, especially the DJ.

  12. RT says:

    Actually Rob D, that is 100% incorrect. All the apple products are personally owned by the people who played them or were borrowed.

    As a musician I have never heard of “ProCo,” although that technology would be astounding and a great alternative to the more expensive “Avion” systems that many churches use. I can say, definitively, however, that NP does not use either of those products for their ears mixes.

  13. RT says:

    @xchppio – i believe it’s called “Melody Bell.” Hope that helps!

  14. Chet says:


    Yes, actually, they are. I have been the Pastor of two different churches in GA for a total of five and a half years, and they are exempt from at least most of the taxes that businesses and individuals pay. (These include income, property, and even sales tax.)

  15. Lisa says:

    It’s interesting to me that churches are often lambasting in culture for being so behind the times and not able to connect with people in modern day America, but then when some Christian guys in a church get together and do something fun and awesome like this, they *still* get attacked for it. I guess you just can’t win.

  16. RW says:

    A bunch of guys from a community church get together and have fun using innovative technology to make good music, and share it through a concert. The audience likes it, & I do too. Joy & peace!

  17. Lilbug says:

    Dr. Macenstein, I like your writing style. That your church had “a candle” cracked me up. I also appreciate CS and RW’s comments. Its not only easier and more fun to be nice and understanding, it also makes people want to pay it forward. Happy Holidays.

  18. Miles53 says:

    I thought it was innovative, but because I have been a musician and a music teacher my whole life I felt a bit disturbed about the technology part. Everyone is so impressed with some guys playing on a bunch of i-pads….but if someone was up there with a violin playing an amazing rendition of a medley of beautiful Christmas carols no one would have been so impressed. I would pick playing on an old violin or a number of other musical instruments any day, over playing on an ipad! Trust me, it takes many more hours of practice to get proficient on a musical instrument than to play a few “fake bells” on an i-pad. It is so sad that this world is so stuck on technology that my students can’t find time to practice because they are too busy playing video games or “playing on their ipads”.

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