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Write a caption, win a prize

“Where all the white women at?” Think you’re funny enough to be the next Margaret Cho? Well, now’s your chance to prove it to the world. Write your best caption for the above photo of what we assume are 3 German rocket scientists enjoying a day at the pool, and if we think it’s the funniest, we’ll send you off a $25 iTunes gift certificate. Leave your caption in the comments below. The contest is open to everyone, anywhere, and runs until... Read More

Shatner does Star Wars?

Ok, am I crazy, or does the narrator here sound exactly like Bill Shatner? Especially at the end. Read More  Read More


Here at Macenstein, we try to give you the more interesting and off beat side of Apple news, steering clear of simple press releases and articles you might find on every site. The unfortunate side effect of adhering such a high standard of excellence (ahem) is that on days (or weeks) when there is nothing cool going on, we find ourselves desperately searching for something to write about. Well, faithful Macenstein reader Chris has come to the rescue today by providing us with... Read More

Video: Gnarls Barkley “Crazy” performed on the Theremin

Posted by Dr. Macenstein Faithful Macenstein reader ComputerNap turned me on to this amazing video of the Gnarls Barkley song Crazy being performed on the theremin. As none of you know, the Theremin was the first electronic instrument ever developed (back in 1919) and is the only instrument designed to be played without being touched. Check out the awesomeness. Yes, it inherently has nothing to do with the Mac, but if we try hard enough, we can almost always find some way to... Read More

New Mac mini tomorrow – $100 cheaper?

Posted by Dr. Macenstein On this, the eve of what everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, is predicting will be Apple’s new iMac unveiling, I would like to make my own prediction. Sure, we’ll see the new iMacs, and maybe the rumored long-overdue .Mac update. But one thing we will not see is the death of the Mac mini. No, the Mac mini will not only escape the cold, icy hand of the Grim Reaper (aka Steve Jobs), but I predict the mini will be taken off life support, and surprise... Read More

I’ve never been more proud to be an American

Posted by Dr. Macenstein I know this has nothing to do with the Mac, but I just found this video to be so awesome, I just had to share it. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader The McMANUS for sending it in! (Warning, slight profanity.)  Read More

[UPDATED] Cafepress down again. Is this another hacker attack?

Posted by Helper Monkey, the site that millions of people use to buy and sell merchandise of all shapes and size (but mainly T-Shirts) is once again down, although this time, it looks a bit more serious than last month’s hacker attack against the site. On December 19th the site suffered a denial of service attack which caused the site to temporarily go offline, and interfered with the holiday shopping season. Users were often unable to log in to make purchases... Read More

The Worst Bagpiper Ever

Faithful Macenstein Reader Way Cool III sent us this video of the bagpiper from the President Ford funeral, and we thought we would pass it along. The guy literally self-destructs. Yes, we know it has nothing to do with Apple, so we’re posting it under “Not Mac-related”. However, odds are the guy’s last name is “Mac” something, like all pipers.  Read More

A Glitch?

Posted by Dr. Macenstein Over the past months I have noticed an occasional but re-occurring glitch on the website, but (like most people) never thought to comment on it until it directly affected me. The “glitch”, as I’m calling it, occurs when articles that make it to the front page do not show up on the front page of their category, but DO show up when viewing the category via the RSS feed. And example can be found now in the “Apple”... Read More

“The Simpsons” live action commercial appears on the internet

Posted by Helper Monkey There is a new live-action commercial making the rounds on the internet on sites such as showing a faithful shot-for-shot re-creation of the opening title sequence from The Simpsons. The spot (click here to watch a QT of it) was created by Sky Satellite Television Network to promote launch of the new season of the show in the UK. This is not Mac-related per se (although hopefully Macs were used in some aspect of the spot’s creation)... Read More


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