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[UPDATED] Cafepress down again. Is this another hacker attack?

Posted by Helper Monkey

Cafepress.com, the site that millions of people use to buy and sell merchandise of all shapes and size (but mainly T-Shirts) is once again down, although this time, it looks a bit more serious than last month’s hacker attack against the site.

On December 19th the site suffered a denial of service attack which caused the site to temporarily go offline, and interfered with the holiday shopping season. Users were often unable to log in to make purchases and venders were unable to check their accounts.

Above: another DoS attack? Click to enlarge

This time, however, the site seems to be completely offline, and visitors are met with the message”

“The domain cafepress.com is currently not configured.

The domain you are attempting to access is hanging out here for a bit while a real site is configured. Please do not contact EveryDNS about this site, as we have no control over the owners choice to park it.

If you are the owner of this domain:
You are seeing this message because you have not deleted the default records in your account. Please login to your account, delete the CNAME entries pointing to ‘parked.everydns.net’, create records for your domain, and wait atleast an hour for the changes to take effect. “

Is this another hacker attack? Did their IT guy forget to renew their hosting agreement? Or did Cafepress skip town with all those unsold “I’m Too Sexy for My Cat” shirts?

[UPDATE] Well, they’re back up, seems like a DNS error of some sort according to a comment by s1rk3ls on Digg.com:
“Well that was short lived… it’s resolving correctly again.
My guess is that they must have decided to add everydns to help with their DNS, but didn’t set it up right before changing the nameservers on the domain…
Currently it’s pointing to ns1.cafepress.com and ns1.everydns.net”

Looks like you can all get back to ordering those sweet Macenstein T-shirts!


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