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Shatner does Star Wars?

Ok, am I crazy, or does the narrator here sound exactly like Bill Shatner?
Especially at the end.

I know it can’t be him, as the Star Trek and Star Wars worlds colliding would likely destroy all life on the planet, (plus my Google-ing of “Shatner narrates Star Wars trailer” would have returned at least one hit, based on the sheer geek-trivia aspect of it) but I’ll be damned if it that guy doesn’t sound like Kirk!

In looking back at this trailer, it is even more impressive that Star Wars became as popular as it did. Lord knows I wouldn’t have seen it based on this!

(And yes, there IS a tentative Mac link to this, but you’ll have to wait a bit for that).

9 Responses to “Shatner does Star Wars?”
  1. Matthew says:

    I heard that George Lucas edited the first Star Wars film using Final Cut pro…

    but that may just be rumors.


  2. J says:

    It sounds more like Lance Henriksen to me. Shatner’s voice wasn’t quite like that in the ’70s (if it were him, it sounds like his voice).

  3. Dave says:

    That is NOT Shatner…

    I too would not have seen Star Wars based on that trailer. Without the music in the background, the movie suffers and looks tacky.

  4. Not Shatner but defintely does sound a bit like him… especially near the end like you said.

    To those who say they wouldn’t have seen this movie based on this triler… you have to remember that one of the big pulls for Star Wars originally wa the at-the-time AMAZING special effects… this trailer does well at showing off plenty of those.

  5. odin says:

    I was sold when Vader tossed the guy like a rag doll.

  6. Count Macula says:

    This looks great! When is it coming out?

  7. Edac2 says:

    I went to the first showing of Star Wars on the day it opened in New York (East 86th Street theater). There were only about 20 people in the theater! There had been a still from the movie in the Times that intrigued me, but I don’t recall ever seeing the trailer.

  8. Anm says:

    “Lord knows I wouldn’t have seen it based on this!”

    The format of this trailer is pretty standard for the era (voice over and music with very vague references to the story). Compared to other similar trailers, this would probably look pretty good.

  9. Paul says:

    Wow, if the footage wasn’t real SW, I would say it’s fake based on the crappy music (pre final cut obviously, I think John Williams came in late) and the extremely low production quality that doesn’t do the film any justice at all. In fact, it looks like some Youtuber did a DIY job for kicks (maybe sending to a Brazilian rainforest premier event).

    Doesn’t sound much like Shatner to me though, but maybe that’s because I’ve seen WAY to much Trek for my own good.

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